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One of the best thing about Google Photos is its automatic back up of your photos and images. Take a photo and when you sync your Google account, it will instantly upload your photos to the cloud. Not only will it save you the time and effort to manually upload your photos and videos, you will never forget to put these important memories to a safe storage.

Still, despite the efficient feature of Google Photos, it can act up sometimes and give you a headache. There are times when Google Photos is not uploading your images and that puts your precious memories at a huge risk. If you find yourself in this scenario, take a look at the solutions below on how you to fix the problem.

Solution 1 – Check your Internet Connection

network and internet settings windows 10

In order for Google Photos to automatically upload your photos, you need to have a good Internet connection. Maybe you have a poor network connection or there is a problem with your router. Check your Wi-Fi settings and connection speed.

Solution 2 – Check the Size of Your Photos/Videos and Check Your Storage Space

Sometimes, the problem is the size of the photos or videos you are trying to upload. Keep in mind that the size of the photos must be up to 75 MB or 100 megapixels. As for the videos, you need to upload a file size less than 10GB.

When it comes to storage, Google Photos will give you a limit of 12GB. If you run out of space, you will need to remove some of your photos or videos to make room for new ones. Otherwise, try to convert your photos and videos to low-quality to reduce the size used up and give you more space.

Solution 3 – Update your Google Photos

Sometimes, apps need updates to fix problems and work properly. Check the Google Play Store for any updates on your app that you may have forgotten to install.

Solution 4 – Clear your Cache or Data

  • Go to the Settings of your device.
  • Click Apps and look for Google Apps on the list. Click to open.
  • Next, choose Storage and click the Clear Cache and Clear Data.

Solution 5 – Check the Back up Status of the App

Back up Google Photos
  • Open your Google Photos app.
  • Go to the top right corner and click on the your Google account.
  • Check the sync status of the options available.
  • Check that the upload or back up is complete without any items waiting.
  • Make sure the Back up option is On.
  • You will also find photos and videos backing up if there is any.
  • Check if there are photos and videos that are ready for back up.
  • Your Wi-Fi Settings may be off and indicates Waiting for Wi-Fi.

Think What’s Ideal For You

Google Photos can frustrate you if it takes a lot of time to upload your precious memories but it happens to most people. The good news is there are solutions that will help you fix these problems. How was your experience with Google Photos? Let us know in the comments below.


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