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How to Maximize 90fps in PUBG Mobile for Better Gameplay



PlayerUnkown’s BattleGrounds (PUBG) Mobile is one of the most popular multiplayer games these days with millions of players all over the world. With its player versus player mode, the shooter game is action-packed and graphic intense, giving players ultimate gaming experience.

But, not all gamers are maximizing their gameplay with PUBG Mobile. To do so, gamers must increase their current FPS to 90fps. Late last year, PUBG released that it is supporting 90Hz for improved performance in playing the game on Android devices.

What is FPS?

Frames per second or FPS is a gaming term, which refers to the images displayed per second on the game. It measures how many times the full-screen images are displayed during active play. The higher the fps, the better the game performance.

With games like PUBG, a high fps is ideal to enjoy every game scenario. However, fps also depends on the hardware of the gaming device. There is a default setting from the mobile app but you can now set your frame rate to a higher fps as well as your graphic settings.

How to Increase FPS in PUBG Mobile

To maximize your gameplay and increase your frame rate, you can use an app called GFX Tool. It enables gamers to change the frame rate and graphics setting of their PUBG Mobile. Some of the features of the app include unlocking HDR fps levels, enabling game resolutions, and full control of the game’s shadows.

GFX Tool Access PUBG
Image / Droidfeats
  • First, you will need to download the tool app from Google Play Store or App Store. Give the app permissions after downloading.
  • Next, configure the settings. Select version 0.9 GP.
  • Choose a resolution that is lower than the default.
  • Under Graphics, choose So Smooth.
  • For FPS, select 90.
  • Select Graphics to Android 7.0 or above devices.
  • Once you are done, click Accept.
  • Click Run to launch your PUBG mobile game.

When the PUBG mobile app is launched, you can now check if the graphics and frame rates are enabled. To check, click Settings at the upper right corner. Select Graphics and see if it is set to Smooth. Look for Frame Rate and check if it is set to Extreme.

With the new settings, you can experience more enjoyable gameplay. What is the best thing you like about PUBG Mobile Game? Share with us your story in the comments below.



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