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Fix Roku Won’t Connect to the Internet



Been enjoying streaming thousands of channels in your Roku? But, what if you lost your Internet Connection and Roku cannot connect?

Roku Internet Connection Error

Don’t worry! While this sounds unfortunate, many users have reported the same thing. Still, there is always a solution to Roku’s connection problem.

There are different ways when your Roku player cannot connect to the Internet. Initially, when you are trying to connect your Roku player to your wireless network, an error appears.

Another situation when an error message appears is after entering your username and password. There is also an error during streaming a channel. In some cases, users lost their connection during playback.

Not connecting to the Internet may not always be because of your Roku device. The cause of the problem may be due to your poor Internet connection or your router.

How to Fix Roku Fails to Connect to the Internet

Method 1 – Check Your Internet Connection

network and internet settings windows 10
  • First, go to Settings and select Network.
  • Click on Check connection. This will check if your device is connected to the Internet. It will also check the speed and quality of the connection.

You may also want to check your connection but accessing a website and see if it works properly. If not, try restarting your router and connect again.

Method 2 – Restart your Roku Device

  • Go to Settings and choose System.
  • Next, click System Restart.
  • After restarting your Roku Player, restart your Roku TV.
  • Click Setting on your Roku TV and select System.
  • Choose Power and click System restart.

Method 3 – Change the DNS Settings

  • Log in to your router. To do this, you will need to enter the IP Address on your web browser’s web search. IP Address is like Typically, the default password is PASSWORD but in case it is different in yours, contact your Internet Provider.
  • After logging in, go to the DNS Settings.
  • Look for the DNS1 and change it to Look for the DNS2 and change it to (DNS1 can be the Preferred DNS Server and DNS2 can be the Alternate DNS Server)
  • Click OK to save the changes.

Method 4 – Connect to a Wired Connection

Roku wireless or wired connection
  • Using an HDMI Cable, connect your Roku player to your TV and plug in your AC Adapter.
  • Turn on the device and your TV and select the correct HDMI setting to launch Roku.
  • Connect your Roku to the WiFi network and log in your password.

Final Thoughts

Follow the steps above to figure out what makes your Roku lost its Internet connection. If one method does not work for you, try the next one.

Did the methods above worked for you? Let us know the comment section below.


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  1. I have tried & tried to set up my Roku Express but it still won’t connect to my wireless. I need to actually speak to a tech support agent to help me understand what is wrong & how to fix. My ph# is 713-682-1509.


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