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Use Facebook Data Transfer Tool to Move Photos to Google Photos



Facebook announced today that it is releasing a new tool for transferring photos and videos to Google Photos and soon to other service providers. The social media giant has joined forces with other key players in the industry to launch a new initiative called the Data Transfer Project last year. It is aimed at giving users useful tools to transfer data seamlessly including photos and videos across different social media platforms and services. Initially, the consortium includes Facebook, Apple, Google, Twitter and Microsoft.

The new data transfer tool from Facebook is scheduled to be released in early 2020. However, as of today, the tool is already available for users in Ireland. The data utility will be tested and tweaked accordingly based on user feedback so hopefully it will be stable once released world wide.

How to Use Facebook Data Transfer Tool

Users who have early access to the tool can get started by opening the Your Facebook Information section in the settings. This section in Facebook’s settings is where you can also download your private information which Facebook has made available some time ago.

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Privacy and Data Portability

Privacy and portability is at the forefront of the Data Transfer Project. Given that in mind, Facebook says that users should not worry as the data transfer tool they are launching has full encryption in place. That’s on top of users being asked for password before initiating the transfer.

Wrapping It Up

This is a welcome development for users who are anxious about the privacy and security of their data on Facebook. When this tool is launched, we won’t have to worry about manually transferring our data to different service providers anymore and we’ll have the freedom to do it anytime we want.

Watch out for the development of this service. Follow us on Twitter and Facebook to get the latest news.


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