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Fix Hulu Buffering, Freezing, Skipping or Crashing Playback Issues



Streaming on Hulu will give you lots of options for content. You can watch your favorite films and TV series the second and third time around. There are endless possibilities, and you can binge-watch from morning till night.

How to Watch Hulu Live TV on PlayStation 4
Credit: Hulu

But, Hulu is not spared from having issues when users start streaming. Sometimes, you will see Hulu buffering, freezing, skipping or even completely crashing as you try to watch your shows and movies. These playback issues keep you from seeing what happens next on the series you are streaming.

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How to Fix if Hulu App Keeps on Buffering, Freezing, Skipping or Crashing

Credit: Hulu

Experiencing playback issues on Hulu is nothing new. Many users also see their screens buffering, freezing, or skipping while streaming. To fix these problems, check out the solutions below.

Solution #1 – Restart Hulu

The simplest way to fix the error is to restart your Hulu app. Most users ignore doing this but sometimes it works wonders. All you have to do is close the app completely. And, then, launch it again.

Solution #2 – Check Your Network Connection

Credit: Windows Dispatch

You may have a problem with your WiFi Internet connection. Hulu’s speed requirement is at least 3.0 Mbps for on-demand streaming and 8.0 Mbps for live streaming. Make sure your connection is up to speed. Otherwise, try elevating your router or bypassing it to connect directly to your modem. You may also want to try other networks to see if it works without a problem.

Solution #3 – Power Cycle Your Device

Credit: Andriikoval/Freepik

Another way is to power cycle the device you are using for streaming Hulu content as well as your home network WiFi router. Doing the process will help refresh your connection.

  • Turn off your device.
  • Unplug your router and modem.
  • Wait for at least a minute before plugging them back in.
  • Once connected to the Internet, turn on your device.
  • Launch Hulu.

Solution #4 – Clear Cache and Data on the Hulu App

How to Clear Hulu App Cache and Data
  • To clear the cache and data on Hulu, you need to access the Settings menu.
  • Click Applications and select Hulu.
  • Go to Storage, or you can directly click Clear Cache and Clear Data.

The method to clear the cache and data on Hulu may vary on the devices you are using.

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Solution #5 – Reinstall the Hulu App on your Device

Lastly, if nothing works from the list of troubleshooting methods above, you can try to uninstall and then installing the Hulu app again. See how to do it on Android or iOS devices.


  • Access the Settings menu.
  • Click Applications and go to Manage Applications.
  • Choose All.
  • Select Hulu.
  • Click the Uninstall button.
  • To reinstall, go to Google Play Store.
  • Look for Hulu and click Install.
Screenshot: Windows Dispatch


  • Look for the Hulu app icon.
  • Tap and hold the icon until a small x appears.
  • Tap or click the x sign.
  • Select Delete.
  • Restart your device.
  • To reinstall, go to the App Store.
  • Search for Hulu and click Install.

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