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How to Use Apple Fitness+ without an Apple Watch



Keeping track of your workout progress can inspire and encourage you to continue with your fitness journey. It will give you results and will let you know your body improvements.

Apple gives you a new fitness experience that will take your workouts to a new level. Powered by Apple Watch, Apple Fitness+ allows you to access world-class exercises anywhere and any time you want.

What is Apple Fitness+?

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Apple Fitness+ is a new app that you can integrate with your Apple Watch. It records your workout metrics while giving you more options to make your fitness routine more enjoyable. You can use the Fitness Plus app on your iPad, iPhone, and Apple TV.

Using the Apple Watch smartwatch, you can check your metrics through your Activity Rings. As you follow the workouts, you can see your heart rate and get a little push on your cardio from the Burn Bar.

Apple Fitness Plus apps also offer smart suggestions based on your current workouts. It can recommend new exercises and even trainers to help you move forward in your fitness experience. You can also select your trainer and how long your workout will be.

To make things more interesting, Apple Fitness+ allows you to select your music, even from your favorite artists. You can do your workout anywhere with only your Apple devices on hand.

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Can I Use Apple Fitness Plus Without an Apple Watch on iPhone or iPad?

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What if you left your Apple Watch at home and you want to workout in the gym using Apple Fitness+? Fortunately, you can still access the videos and training on the app even without the Apple Watch. However, you can only do so using your iPhone and iPad. You cannot use Apple Fitness+ without an Apple Watch on Apple TV or Android mobile phone.

To get started working out without an Apple Watch, all you have to do is click the Work Out Without Watch button after the app does not detect your watch. It will still start a session, and you can go on with your routine.

Credit: Apple

However, do take note that it will not display the metrics on your Apple Watch. It will also not record or log your progress on your Apple Watch.

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