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How to Install YouTube Website as Progressive Web App (PWA)



You may have heard of PWA or the Progressive Web Apps on the Internet. It may sound like any other website, but it got something bigger and more effective for users. PWAs merges features that you enjoy from a web application and a native app on your computer.

Using a web application gives users the benefit of updated information and convenient reach. You can browse through real-time content and connect with anyone, anywhere. As long as you use it with a reliable Internet connection, web applications or simply websites, offer a great experience.

Native apps, on the other hand, provide easier access to our computers. These apps are integrated into the local system so you can launch and use them anytime. Even when you are not connected to any network, you can still use the apps’ features.

PWA gives you both the wide reach you get from web applications and the convenience of native apps. You get a web app but with the same feel and experience from a native app.

YouTube Main Website as Progressive Web App

Screenshot: Windows Dispatch

Google announced that it is making the main YouTube website as PWA on desktop computers. You can now add and install Youtube as an app on ChromeOS, macOS and Windows 10 devices. Imagine streaming on a YouTube website with the same reliability and stability that you can get from a dedicated app installed on your computer. Also, Google hopes to add offline capabilities to the PWA, such as offline viewing of Youtube content.

For Windows 10, it means that you can have a taskbar shortcut of YouTube on your computer. You can also see the app on the Start Menu. It will be easy for you to manage it as you do on any Windows app. On a Mac computer, you can now add Youtube on your dock while Chromebook users can also install it and add a shortcut for easy access.

How to Install YouTube Site as PWA on Mac, Windows 10 PC or Chromebook

To install YouTube as PWA on your computers, all you have to do is access the website. Follow these instructions:

  • Open the Chrome browser on your Windows 10, Mac or Chromebook computer.
  • On the address bar, type and press enter.
  • You will then see the Install button on the far right side of the address bar. Click the Plus icon beside it.
  • Click Install when a prompt appears.
  • Wait for the process to finish.
  • Now, enjoy YouTube as a PWA on your desktop device.

Google is trying to implement PWA on its system. You will see more apps turning to PWA in the Google Play Store. Moreover, Google is enforcing a policy that will mandate developers add offline functions to their apps to allow the PWA Install button to appear.

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