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How to Fix Pokemon Go Not Tracking or Counting Distance & Steps



Trying to get your Pokemon Go adventure back on track? Running around like a headless chicken trying to find the solution and not getting anywhere?

Many trainers need help with their game’s tracking feature, as they cannot log their steps or distance accurately. But don’t worry – we are here for you!

Distance Not Tracking on Pokemon Go? Here are Ways to Troubleshoot the Issue!

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This article provides an invaluable guide for trainers needing help fixing Pokemon Go tracking issues.

Solution #1 – Check your Device Location Settings

The first step to solving the issue of Pokémon Go not tracking steps or distance is to check your device’s location settings. It is important because this setting must be enabled for the game to access and track movement correctly.

Depending on the type of device, you may need to go into its individual settings menus in order to verify that it has been properly configured.

  • For example, if using an Android phone or tablet, ensure that “Location” is turned on inside “Settings > Security & Location.”
  • Similarly, Apple devices require that both “Cellular Data” and “Background App Refresh” are switched on within their respective locations menu.

Solution #2 – Make Sure your Phone is not in Power Saving Mode

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Power saving mode can be enabled on phones and tablets as a way of conserving battery life. It may also limit the access given to apps like Pokemon Go, stopping them from functioning correctly.

To ensure this isn’t the issue, users should check their device’s settings to see if it has been put into power saving mode. Users need to disable it before continuing with other troubleshooting methods.

Solution #3 – Install Available Updates on your Pokemon Go App

Updates often bring improvements such as bug fixes and new features which enhance user experience. Similarly, regular updates on Pokemon Go should ensure smooth functioning and accuracy when tracking steps or distance.

Solution #4 – Check your Phone for any Network Issues

You must verify that your device’s Wi-Fi connection is running smoothly and without interruption. If using mobile data, ensure that cellular signal strength is adequate and capable of sustaining a stable connection while playing the game.

In addition, try connecting to other networks to determine whether it has anything to do with your current service provider or not.

Solution #5 – Perform a Quick Restart on your Device

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When attempting to troubleshoot any issue with a device, an oft-recommended solution is to restart the device. When it comes to Pokemon Go not tracking steps or distance, restarting your device can be equally helpful in resolving this issue.

Restarting the device will help clear out any minor issues that have built up over time and could potentially interfere with game play. To do so, follow the steps below. 

  • Turn off your phone/device.
  • Wait 30 seconds before turning back on.
  • Reopen Pokemon Go.
  • Check if the problem has been resolved.

This process should take no more than two minutes and may require multiple attempts until the desired result is achieved.

Ultimately, understanding how to fix Pokemon Go not tracking steps or distance takes some effort but can make all the difference between being able to play one’s favorite game and having an incomplete experience.

Taking proactive measures such as checking device location settings, disabling power saving mode and optimizing the app are necessary steps that should be followed before attempting a full reset of the program.



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