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How to Fix Face ID Not Available or Not Working on iPhone or iPad Problem



If you are having trouble with your iPhone’s or iPad’s Face ID, you can take a few steps to fix the problem. This article will tackle some of the most common fixes for iOS Face ID feature not working or being not available when you try to set it up. We will also provide tips on troubleshooting and fixing other issues preventing Apple Face ID from working correctly on an iPhone or iPad mobile device.

It hasn’t been very long since Face ID has been available on iPhones, and it has quickly become the go-to method for unlocking your mobile phone or tablet. The unlocking security feature is available on iPhone X, iPhone 11, 12, 13, and the latest iPhone 14 series.

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There were pros and cons, with users mostly having a good experience with Face ID, but there are moments when it doesn’t work or setting it up is not possible, and it’s usually because of one or two things. When setting it up for the first, you might encounter the error “Face ID is Not Available. Try setting up Face ID later!” The list below will provide potential solutions and fixes for your Face ID not working issue on your iOS or iPadOS device.


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How to Troubleshoot & Fix Apple Face ID Not Available Issue During Set up or Not Working when Used on iPhone or iPad

If you are experiencing difficulty with Face ID Not being not available for set up or not working properly on iPhone or iPad, here are a few troubleshooting techniques to try that might fix the problem. Follow each solutions below, and you will find your favored unlocking method on Apple devices working like before.

Method #1 – Device Can’t Detect your Face Properly

If Face ID stops working properly, it could be because your iPhone or iPad can’t detect your face. Make sure that you are holding your device at the correct distance, in a well-lit area, and with no obstructions between you and the device.

Method #2 – Restart your iPhone or iPad

If Face ID is still not working correctly after trying the above steps, it is time to restart your device. Once your device has powered back on, try setting up Face ID again.

Method #3 – Check for Available Software Updates & Install Them

Another potential cause of Face ID not working properly is if there is an old version of the operating system installed on your device. Make sure you are running the latest iOS version possible, as new versions may contain bug fixes or other improvements for Face ID functionality.

Method #4 – Make Sure that the TrueDepth Camera is Clean and Unobstructed

If your mobile phone camera is dirty or obstructed, it can prevent Face ID from working properly. Wipe down the camera lens and ensure no obstructions like a cellphone case or screen protector.

Method #5 – Make Sure your Face isn’t Blocked

It is also essential to ensure that any objects or accessories don’t block your face. Hats, scarves, sunglasses and facemasks may interfere with Face ID recognition and should be removed for the best accuracy. Unlocking your device with your face mask on can be done smoothly as long as you’ve set up your Face ID properly without them.

Method #6 – Reset All Settings on your iOS or iPadOS Device

If none of the steps above has worked, try resetting all the settings on your device. Open the Settings app, then navigate to “General”. Select “Reset” and “Reset All Settings” from here. This will allow your device to start from a clean slate and may help with any issues related to Face ID.

These are the basic steps to try if your Face ID is not available or not working properly on your iPhone or iPad. If you still have difficulty, it may be time to contact Apple Support for further assistance. You can contact Apple technical support through their website, and they can directly guide you on how to fix the issue and quickly get your device up and running with Face ID functionality. Remember to back up your device first so that you keep all of your data during the process.

We hope these tips and tricks helped get your Face ID working properly again! Let us know in the comments section.

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