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How to Redeem 3 Months YouTube Premium Free Trial for Pokemon Go Players



Back in the ’90s where animated creatures and characters dominated our TV screens, Pokemon has made its way into the hearts of many fans. Not only will you discover interesting Pokemon creatures as you continue to watch each episode, but you will also begin to appreciate their unique powers and characteristics.

But, Pokemon lovers couldn’t bear sitting down and watching each Pokemon creature unfold. They also want to catch their own Pokemon creatures. Through the years, Pokemon Go became a challenging game for gamers and continues to evolve.

Fast forward to 2016, and Pokemon is invading not just the gaming atmosphere, but also the real world. Pokemon Go started on July 6, 2016, as an exhilarating and unique augmented reality game from Niantic. It integrates the gaming mechanism into the real world so players can catch any Pokemon creatures within their surroundings.

Image credit: Niantic

Now that it is on its 5th anniversary, Pokemon Go wants the world to celebrate with them. Pokemon Go will be hosting its Pokemon Go Fest 2021 this coming July 17 to 18, 2021. It will be an exciting event for all Pokemon Go lovers all over the world. You can take part in this action-filled celebration by purchasing a ticket from the in-app shop for $4.99.

To top off the excitement, Google will be sponsoring free three months subscription reward deal to YouTube Premium for all eligible Pokemon go Trainers.

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Get 3 Months Free YouTube Premium Subscription Deal for Eligible Pokemon Go Trainers

Image credit: Niantic/Google

Note that you have to be a Pokemon Go trainer to redeem and avail of the free YouTube Premium subscription plan. The freebie is also only applicable to selected countries, like the US, Australia, Great Britain, Canada, and Singapore. Only trainers who do not have a current Google account with YouTube Premium plan can redeem the promo offer.

After the three-month free trial promo subscription, it will automatically charge you for the monthly fee of $11.99. However, you can also cancel the subscription plan before the free trial ends to avoid getting charged.

Are you ready to join the Pokemon Go Fest 2021? What part of the action do you look forward to? We are excited to hear from you in the comments below.


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