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How to Fix the “You’ve Reached your Sign-in Limit” Error in Microsoft Office 365



Users of Office 365 may find the “You’ve Reached your Sign-in Limit” error to be inconvenient, particularly if they depend on the platform for their jobs.

Office 365’s “You’ve Reached your Sign-in Limit” problem might occur for a number of reasons. One typical reason is that the account owner might have activated Office 365 on more devices than allowed.


Another potential factor for the Office 365 error is the presence of additional users who are also using the same account to log into Office on their devices. This may use up any available sign-ins that your device might need. Furthermore, there can be a short-term problem with the Office 365 platform that prevents sign-ins.

Best Solutions to Resolve “You’ve Reached your Sign-in Limit” Error in Microsoft Office 365

Thankfully, there are a number of measures you may do to resolve this sign in issue and resume using Office 365. Check out the easy methods below and follow each step one at a time.

Use Other Devices to Exit the Workplace or Log Out of Microsoft Office 365

It’s possible that others you share your Microsoft 365 account with have logged into Office on their devices using the portal associated with your Microsoft account. This may consume sign-ins that your device might need. Ask the other users to log out of Office on their devices to fix this, and your device should have more sign-in options.

Take Away or Remove any Used Devices in Office 365

You can choose the account that experienced the error by going to Azure Active Directory > Users in the Microsoft 365 admin interface. After that, select Devices and eliminate any unnecessary devices from the list. Your device’s sign-ins should become free as a result.

Reset User Sign-in Status in Microsoft Office 365

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As a Microsoft 365 administrator, you can switch the user’s sign-in status from Allowed to Blocked and back again. This should free up sign-ins for your device and reset the user’s sign-in status.

Implement Conditional Access on Office 365

To restrict account sign-ins based on particular requirements, such as utilizing a compliant Azure AD Joined device or requiring MFA, you can utilize Conditional Access. This may assist in avoiding the sign-in limit mistake.

Turn off Office for Other Devices and Reactive your Device

If you’ve used up all of Office’s activations, you can modify your settings and deactivate Office on other devices by going to your account page. After that, try activating your current device once more.

Speak with a Microsoft 365 Customer Support

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You might need to get in touch with Microsoft support if none of these fixes work. They will be able to provide you more detailed instructions on how to remedy the problem.

Office 365’s “You’ve Reached your Sign-in Limit” error can be stressful, but by following the above instructions, you should be able to resolve it and resume using the system.

You should be able to free up sign-ins and fix the issue by signing out of Office on other devices, eliminating useless devices, resetting the user’s sign-in status, utilizing Conditional Access, or disabling Office on other devices.

If all else fails, get in touch with Microsoft support for additional help. Hope this helps!



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