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How to Fix Error Code 104122, 104107 or 104119 on Zoom



In today’s digital age, video conferencing has become integral to our professional and personal lives. However, like any technology, occasional errors can disrupt our virtual meetings.

If you’ve encountered Zoom error codes 104122, 104107, or 104119, don’t panic! Let’s walk you through the troubleshooting steps to resolve these issues on Zoom and get you back to seamless video conferencing in no time.

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What are Zoom Error Code 104122, 104107 or 104119? 

Zoom error codes are numerical identifiers that help diagnose specific issues encountered using the Zoom platform. The error codes starting with 104 usually indicate network connectivity or firewall-related problems. Let’s delve into the three most common error codes and their solutions.

Methods to Resolve Zoom Error Code 104122: Connection Failed

When you encounter error code 104122, Zoom fails to establish a connection between your device and its servers. Here’s what you can do to fix it:

Check your Internet Connection

Confirm you have a stable internet connection by visiting other websites or running a speed test.

Disable VPN or Proxy Servers

VPNs or proxy servers can sometimes interfere with Zoom’s network connectivity. Temporarily disable them and try connecting again.

Check your Firewall Settings

Ensure that your firewall settings allow Zoom to access the internet. Whitelist Zoom in your firewall settings or temporarily disable the firewall to see if the error persists.

Ways to Troubleshoot Zoom Error Code 104107: Connection Timeout

If you encounter error code 104107, Zoom couldn’t establish a connection within the specified time limit. Follow these steps to resolve it:

Close Unnecessary Applications and Tabs

High network traffic or a heavy load on your device can lead to connection timeouts. Close any unnecessary applications or browser tabs to reduce the load on your network.

Restart your Router

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Remember that power cycling can resolve temporary network issues. Unplug the router, wait 10 seconds, and plug it back in.

Try a Connecting to a Different Network

If possible, switch to a different network, such as a mobile hotspot or another Wi-Fi network, to determine if the issue is specific to your current network.

Solutions to Fix Zoom Error Code 104119: Blocked Connection

Error code 104119 suggests that your network is blocking the Zoom server connection. Use the following steps to overcome this obstacle:

Check your Antivirus or Security Software

Antivirus or security software might have settings that block Zoom. Temporarily disable or configure them to allow Zoom’s network access.

Contact your Network Administrator

If you’re using Zoom on a corporate or educational network, contact your administrator. They can check if firewall rules or network settings are causing the blockage.

Additional Tips and Tricks to Fix Zoom Error Code 104122, 104107 or 104119

  • Keep Zoom updated

Ensure that you have the latest version of Zoom installed on your device. Regular updates often include bug fixes and improvements.

  • Clear Zoom’s cache
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Sometimes, cached data can interfere with Zoom’s performance. Clear the Zoom cache on your device to eliminate any potential conflicts.

  • Reach out to Zoom customer support

If the error persists or you require further assistance, don’t hesitate to contact Zoom’s support team. They are equipped to handle more complex issues and provide personalized solutions.

Zoom error codes 104122, 104107, and 104119 can be annoying sometimes, but you can resolve them swiftly with the troubleshooting steps outlined above. Now, you’ll enjoy smooth and uninterrupted video conferencing with Zoom!



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