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Hide your Background During Zoom Video Conference Calls



Zoom is gaining popularity in online video conferences and webinars. If you are working at home or working remotely, it is easier and faster to communicate if done online.

However, finding a good spot to make your video meetings seems like a challenge. You may be dressed up for success but then your background is not. And there seems to have not enough time to clean the mess. Now, you don’t have to worry thanks to Zoom’s Virtual Background.

What is Zoom’s Virtual Background?

A virtual background allows you to hide your real background by displaying another image. If you are in your dining room and behind you is a messy kitchen, you can choose a virtual background that will hide the mess. There are several images you can choose from depending on your mood but it will work best if you have a green screen and uniform lighting.

How to Add a Virtual Background in Zoom?

Zoom Virtual Background
  • Open your Zoom app.
  • On the upper-right corner, click the Gear icon.
  • Next, select Virtual Background. You will see different background samples you can choose from.
  • Click on the background image that you like.
  • Click “I have a green screen to improve the quality of your background.
  • You can also click Mirror My Video option if you have text on your background so it will mirror your video, literally, and make it appear correct to others.

You also have the option to upload your own images in case you want more options. To do that, just click the + sign or Add image and upload your images.

How to Hide Your Background During Video Calls in Zoom

If you are already in a Zoom meeting and you want to change your virtual background, just click on the Up Arrow located beside the Stop Video Button. Click Choose Virtual Background and change your background.


Changing your virtual background can also add fun to any of your social meetings. Follow the steps above and have fun.

Are you using Zoom for your video conferences? How is your experience? Tell us in the comments below.


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