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How to Troubleshoot & Fix Twitter API Error Code 467



Twitter is a social network site that has penetrated each part of our regular presence. It empowers us to speak with companions, family, and colleagues, trade thoughts, and remain current on news and trends. 

Users may run into errors like Twitter API service error code 467. When a user’s current API plan does not grant them access to a certain endpoint, this error happens.

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How to Troubleshoot Website Issue & Fix Broken API Service HTTP Error Code 467 on Twitter

We’ll talk about how to fix the broken Twitter website API with HTTP error code 467 in this blog post.

The error message would usually look like this:

“Your current API plan does not include access to this endpoint, please see https://developer.twitter.com/en/docs/twitter-api for more information, code: 467”


Wait it Out

Waiting it out is the first thing you should attempt if you get Twitter server API error code 467. and claim that this error is occasionally brought on by problems with Twitter and that there may be nothing that users can do to resolve it.

You can try waiting a few hours before trying again. Sometimes the problem goes away by itself, allowing you to access the endpoint with essentially no further problems.

Check your Twitter API Plan

Checking your current API plan is the next course of action to try if waiting it out doesn’t work. Users must make sure that the endpoint they are attempting to visit is accessible under their API plan. If not, they might have to upgrade their plan for the API in order to access the endpoint. 

By going to the Twitter Developer Dashboard, selecting the app you wish to change, and selecting the appropriate subscription plan, you can upgrade the API plan. 

Customers should be aware that they might have to pay a price to upgrade their API plan.

Are you Being Suspended by Twitter?

Users whose accounts have been suspended from Twitter may also see Twitter error code 467. They will not have the option to get to certain endpoints if it happens. 

Users should check their email for any notifications of suspension or get in touch with Twitter Help for more details. Users might have to wait until the suspension time is over before they can access the endpoint again if it is only temporary.

Try a Different Web Browser to Access Twitter Website

Twitter API service error 467 can occasionally be brought on by a problem with the user’s browser.

Users might test signing into their social media account using a different browser in these situations to see if that fixes the problem. This can assist determine whether the problem is with the user’s account or the browser itself. You can try using the top web browsers including Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Safari, Opera, Firefox or Brave.

Be Active and Engaging

While not directly connected to resolving Twitter API HTTP code 467, users can provide compelling material to attract more followers, utilize hashtags to make their posts more visible, and take part in Twitter conversations and discussions to network with other users in their area. 

Users’ accounts can look natural and their chances of success can rise by being active and engaged on the network.

Wrapped Up

In conclusion, there are numerous potential causes of Twitter API Error Code 467, such as Twitter-related problems, account suspensions, or restricted access to particular endpoints. Before contacting Twitter Support if the problem still exists, users should try the aforementioned fixes. 

Users can try a variety of fixes to address Twitter API Error Code 467, including waiting it out, reviewing the API plan, looking up the status of the suspension, using a new browser, and being active and engaged on the site. Users can resume using Twitter without any more problems by following these procedures.



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