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How to Find out & See the Users Who Unfollowed you on Twitter



Do you wonder who has unfollowed your account on Twitter? We might just have the best solution for your problem to get solved and find out the users who unfollowed you on the social media platform.

Twitter and other social media sites are built around the interaction between one user to another. The absence of a community on social media is similar to shouting into the air. This audience makes platforms such as Twitter an interesting and meaningful space. While unfollowing accounts isn’t unusual, figuring out who you unfollowed can be arduous.

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How to Find out & See Users Who Unfollowed you on Twitter Manually or Using Third-Party Tools

It’s a bit archaic. However, when you’re thinking, “who unfollowed me on Twitter,” one way to answer this question is to see and verify the user’s Twitter account. Go to their Twitter profile to view and click the ‘Following’ button. Then, you’ll find a list of the people they follow. But what happens if you have a thousand Twitter followers?

If you’re interested in knowing what happened to those who didn’t follow the account you’re on Twitter but examining every follower isn’t feasible, there are some apps you could use.

Unfollower Stats

Unfollower Stats is an application that allows you to watch your unfollows. The free, ad-supported version provides its services to Twitter accounts with up to 3000 followers. There is also a paid option for the service, which is geared towards more significant accounts and provides additional features.

Who Unfollowed Me

Who unfollowed me is another well-known third-party tool that lets you keep track of your Twitter unfollow. Click the Sign-in using Twitter at the top-right edge of the home page. Once you have signed into the app and have authorized it, Click on the Unfollowed link to find out who has removed you from your account since you began using Who Unfollowed Me.


Flowers is an add-on for Twitter that helps you keep track of those following and unfollowing you. According to Wired, you do not want to follow the tool’s dislike of vowels. According to Flowers, the tool checks for any changes in your followers on Twitter over time and keeps track of those who have been added or deleted.


Zebraboss is another way of getting your unfollow information without signing up or providing an account on Twitter. Although it’s not an efficient service, as per WikiHow, it works by sending daily emails with the names of funds that have not followed you. It’s only accessible for accounts with less than 1000 followers.

View Who Unfollowed You on Twitter Using an App

Twitter made significant changes to its platform to keep your personal information secure. Many third-party Twitter apps quit working as they depended heavily on the previous app program interface or API. However, some apps remain reliable concerning finding out who you have Unfollowed on Twitter. We’ve provided them with a brief description in the following article.

Follow Meter

With a clear, simple display, this excellent Twitter app displays several essential indicators, such as who has recently unfollowed you or joined your account. The unfollow section will show you a list of abandoned Twitter followers. It is possible to install Follow Meter on iOS and Android platforms.

Followers Tracker Pro

The app isn’t free, but it comes with many in-app purchases; it’s free to discover the number of Twitter fans you’ve lost. The app gives you details about who hasn’t followed your account, who you’re following, who isn’t following back, comments deleted, and many more.

Wrapping It Up

To determine who’s not following you, from the list of accounts you follow, log into your Profile and click Followers. On the right side of each user, you can notice the wording “Follows your.” If this label isn’t displayed beside the accounts you follow, it’s a sign that the accounts aren’t following either or have not followed you.



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