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How to Fix Venmo Not Verifying Bank Account with Test Deposit Issue



The Venmo payment app is a popular solution thanks to the smooth and seamless process. Whether you’re sending or receiving funds, everything you’ll do is relatively easy.

Unfortunately, there are some difficult issues that can ruin your experience with Venmo. If your bank account isn’t verifying with a test deposit, we’ve got you covered with this troubleshooting guide. From the solutions detailed here, you should get ready to fix the problem on your own.

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How to Troubleshoot & Fix Venmo Test Deposit for Verifying Account Not Working Problem

As a way to verify the validity of your bank account, Venmo uses microtransfers or test deposits to ensure that you’ve got a valid payment method. This microtransfer sends an amount less than $1 to you. Once the amount has been sent, Venmo then sends small withdrawals to offset the balance. It usually amounts to something less than $2.

If this method doesn’t seem to be working as a form of verification, it’s time to explore some solutions. However, the right solution depends on the source of your problem. With a test deposit failing to work, the problem’s source can be traced to multiple factors including incorrect details, invalid funds, account on hold and more.

Fund Your Bank Account

While it’s easy to assume that the test deposit will work seamlessly, there still has to be some money in the account for it to work. Be sure to check the account you’ve added to know if it has some money within. From official details communicated by Venmo, you should have at least $2 in your account.

Contact The Bank To Confirm Your Details

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  • First, get a hold of the support phone number or email address on your bank’s official website.
  • Be sure that the website is secure and has an https protocol in its address.
  • Get the account and routing number verified by your bank, and insert those details into Venmo, then attempt the Test Deposit verification once more.
  • Ensure that these credentials are accurate or you’ll risk a temporary suspension for multiple verification attempts.

Wait For 24 Hours And Apply For Account Verification on Venmo Again

The account verification test process is one that takes some time from Venmo as they have to confirm with your bank, and release funds from their own platform. This process can easily be prone to errors, so there’s a soft lock with the amount of application attempts. If you’ve tried it multiple times, it’s best to stop. After a day, ensure that you’ve got the correct details and try again. If it works, you’re in good hands!

Contact Venmo Customer Support Team

If you haven’t found any luck with the methods mentioned above, there’s no harm in establishing a connection with Venmo. By doing this, you can properly figure out whether or not the problem is from their end. Plus, they have enough data to suggest some viable fixes.

In Closing

The Venmo test deposit issue is quite common, and you can try the methods above to resolve it. However, it isn’t the only verification method. If it doesn’t seem to work after trying the steps above, consider using the manual verification, or link a different bank account.



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