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How to Fix Venmo Instant Money Transfer Not Working Issue



When it comes to digital payments, Venmo is one of the most popular services available for mobile or desktop. Coming to you from Paypal’s digital payment juggernaut, Venmo has seen extraordinary levels of success and mainstream adoption. Despite this, it’s an unfortunately buggy service, notorious for having many bugs and issues that are difficult to troubleshoot.

Many of the problems you can face when using Venmo can be pretty annoying, but the worst of them all is instant transfers just not working. There’s no true error message for this, they don’t work, and there are plenty of reasons it can happen which makes troubleshooting it a big issue. So, what can you do if you’re facing this problem? Well, keep reading to find out!

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How to Troubleshoot the Payment Issue & Fix Venmo Instant Money Transfer Not Working Problem

Because it’s hard to identify why Venmo’s Instant Transfer for money from your account to your bank can stop working, we’ll employ a bit of a brute force method. Simply try all these methods and keep going down the list until things start working again. Perseverance is critical here, so keep it up, and you should be back to transferring money in no time.

Solution #1 – Ensure that Your Debit Card and Venmo Account Names Match

  • Check the name on your paired debit card.
  • Check the registered name on your Venmo account.
  • Ensure the names match correctly, or Venmo will deny your Instant Transfers.
  • Be sure that both are using your legal names, or there could be further issues.

Solution #2 –┬áCheck if Your Bank and Debit Card Support Instant Transfers

  • While it may seem counter-intuitive, your bank and debit card can sometimes not support Instant Transfer.
  • To check, you’ll want to contact your bank and ask them whether Instant Transfers are supported by them, and the same applies to your debit card.
  • If your card isn’t supported, you can ask your provider to send you a new card or enable the functionality.
  • If your bank doesn’t support Instant Transfer, use a debit card from a bank that supports the function.

Solution #3 –┬áDon’t Go Over Venmo’s Transfer Limits

  • Venmo has a weekly transfer limit of $19,999.99 and a single transfer limit of $5000. 
  • If you go over this transfer limit, your Instant Transfer will fail.
  • On top of this, your account can also be frozen, so avoid doing this.

Venmo can be infamously annoying in many ways, but following these simple steps should get your Instant Transfers from your account to a bank working again. If you have further inquiries you may contact the Venmo customer support. We hope we helped you solve your problem with this guide, and for more like this, stay tuned!



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