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Fix TCL Roku TV “USB Device Requires More Power” Error



Many people find it frustrating to see an error on their TV. Some users of TCL Roku TV are complaining about a USB error when they launched their TV. The message says, “This USB device requires more power. User adapter if available.”

If you have encountered the same problem, check out the solutions below to help you fix the TCL Roku TV USB error.

How to Fix TCL Roku TV “USB Device Requires More Power” Error


Solution #1 – Unplug Your TV

Try to turn off your Roku TV and unplug all devices except the USB. Wait for at least a minute before plugging it back in. Now, try and see if the error is still there.

Solution #2 – Install the Latest Update Via USB

Installing the latest update for your TCL Roku TV may help fix fixes to save the USB error.

To install the update via USB, make sure your computer is connected to the Internet. You will also need a USB with enough storage space to store the firmware update.

  • Launch any web browser and go to http://tvupdate.roku.com.
  • Under Choose your TV Brand, select TCL.
  • Enter your Roku Model number. To obtain your Roku model number, open your Roku TV. Go to Settings and select System. Click the About option and copy the four numbers and a letter on the screen.
  • Click Next.
  • Click Download Software and wait for the download process to finish.
  • If you are using a Windows Computer, you will find the file under the Downloads folder. For Mac OS, the file is in the Dock.
  • Go to the location of the file.
  • Right-click on the file name and select Extract All.
  • Click Browse and select your USB device. Click Extract.
  • Once the process is done, you now have the firmware update in your USB.
  • Turn on your TV and insert your USB to your TV port.
  • Go to your Roku Settings.
  • Select System.
  • Click System Update.
  • Click I can’t connect and your Roku TV will scan and obtain a 12-digit code from your USB.
  • Go back to http://tvupdate.roku.com.
  • Choose TCL for your TV brand and type your Roku model number.
  • Click Next.
  • Click Confirm and choose I already have it when asked to Download the latest software onto a USB drive.
  • Copy the 12-digit code displayed on your TV and type it on the Roku website.
  • Click Next step.
  • Copy the 6-digit confirmation code and enter it on your Roku TV using your remote.
  • The software update will start.
  • Once finished, your TV will restart.
  • Remove the USB device.

Did the solutions above work? If nothing happens, it is best to contact Roku Support to help you fix the error.



  1. I’ve done everything to fix this usb needs more power. Gone through all the steps including roku support . Is there a physical fix to this problem? Ready to put a sledgehammer through this unit. It’s been like this shortly after getting the set. Now it has gotten worst. You have to hit the arrow back button so you can move through the menus. You can move maybe three times before hitting this button again, also it takes of running through your movie selection.


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