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How to Fix Xbox App Error Code 0x80048869 or 0x80070002 on Windows 11



Have you been enjoying Xbox Game Pass on your shiny new Windows 11 PC only to be halted by some confusing error codes? Those lengthy numbers like 0x80048869 and 0x80070002 may look intimidating, but solving them is usually straightforward.

This guide will explain what is causing these Xbox app errors on Windows 11 and walk you through the steps to get your gaming up and running again. No need to consult cryptic Microsoft forums or sit on hold with support.

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What is Xbox App Error Code 0x80048869 on Windows 11 PC?

The 0x80048869 error typically appears when there is a issue with the Xbox or Microsoft account you are signed into the Xbox app with. Here are some ways this can happen:

  • You recently changed the email address associated with your Microsoft account. The Xbox app may not have synced the change yet, causing authentication issues.
  • Your Microsoft account credentials are entered incorrectly in the Xbox app. Double check your email/password are 100% right. 
  • Your Xbox/Microsoft account has been temporarily flagged or restricted, disrupting the Xbox app connection.

Luckily, this error can often be fixed with a simple reauthentication or app reinstallation.

Troubleshoot Xbox App Error Code 0x80048869 on Windows 11 PC

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Follow these troubleshooting steps for error 0x80048869:

  • If you recently changed your Microsoft account email, switch it back or reverify the change.
  • Sign out of the Xbox app and sign back in with the right credentials.
  • Fully uninstall and reinstall the Xbox app from the Microsoft Store.
  • Try clearing stored cache/data for the Xbox app and Windows Store.
  • Perform a reboot after making changes to refresh connections.

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Understanding Xbox App Error Code 0x80070002 on Windows 11 PC

This error is more generic and indicates a content problem with the Xbox app, rather than an account issue. Potential causes include:

  • Issues specific to a game you are trying to launch through Xbox app.
  • Corrupted files or incomplete installation for games.
  • Glitches within the Xbox services on your Windows device.
  • Conflicts with other apps/software like antivirus or VPNs.

Ways to Resolve Xbox App Error Code 0x80070002 on Windows 11 PC

Ways to Resolve Xbox App Error Code 0x80070002 on Windows 11 PC
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Some troubleshooting steps for error code 0x80070002:

  • Check support sites for any known issues with the game. Install any available patches.
  • Uninstall and reinstall the Xbox app and gaming services components.
  • Verify integrity of game files via the Xbox app troubleshooting menu.
  • Try installing the same game via another store like EA Desktop or Steam. 
  • Temporarily disable antivirus or VPN software that could be conflicting.
  • Reset Windows 11 without deleting files to refresh system.

While a bit tricky to pinpoint the root cause, a little trial and error usually resolves error codes 0x80048869 and 0x80070002 on the Xbox app. Use the fixes above to get your Windows 11 gaming back on track.

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