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How to Enable or Disable Automatic Downloads for You Netflix Feature



Long travels or regular commute may be boring you without any means of entertainment. However, not all transportation have Internet access or a stable WiFi connection. To enjoy hours of sitting on a train or a plane, you can watch offline movies and TV series on Netflix.

Now, Netflix launched a new feature called Downloads For You for people who are on-the-go. It is different from the Smart Downloads that’s been around on Netflix for some time now. Let’s find out why in the article below.

Difference Between Netflix Downloads for You and Smart Downloads

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If you have been downloading content for offline viewing, you may be familiar with Smart Downloads. It is a feature on Netflix that allows you to select the titles that you want to download for offline watching later on. It automatically saves the next episode of a TV show you are streaming.

However, with Downloads for You, Netflix will be choosing the content for your offline viewing automatically. How will it work? Netflix will check your watch history and select recommended titles based on your preference and taste. That means that if you are fond of watching Travel Docuseries, Netflix will download related travel docuseries.

Now, users can save time and effort in scanning from hundreds of contents on Netflix for offline viewing. Netflix will do the job for you. There are many movies and shows to choose from but some contents may have licensing restrictions.

How to Use Netflix Downloads for You Feature

First, you will need to enable the Downloads for You feature on your Netflix mobile app.

  • Go to the Home screen of your Netflix app.
  • Open the Downloads tab.
  • Look for Downloads for You and toggle it to Enable. To turn off the Downloads for You feature, just set it to Disable.
  • Now, select the storage space that you can allocate for Netflix to download content. You can choose 1GB, 3GB, or 5GB.
  • If you want to free up some storage space, you can delete the movies or shows so Netflix can download fresh ones.

As of now, Downloads for You is up and running on the Netflix app for Android devices. For iOS users, the feature will be available later in 2021.

Is the new Netflix Downloads for You useful? Did you find the recommendations to be actually what you want to watch? You can share your thoughts with us by writing a comment below.



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