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How to Fix Zoom Error Code 1152, 1009, or 2008 Account Related Issues



Modern teams now rely a lot on video conferencing tools like Zoom not just for productivity but also for the overall success of their organizations. Thanks to Zoom, you can have a “face-to-face” meeting with anyone no matter where you are in the world. Remote meetings also feel more human and personal, making teams feel better connected despite the distance.

However, while Zoom is meant to make things easier and more convenient for its users, the app isn’t perfect. Some people often report encountering some error codes while using Zoom.

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These include 1152, 1009, and 2008 account-related issues. if your Zoom meetings were ever disrupted by any of these errors, knowing how to fix them is a must.

How to Fix Zoom Error Code 1152

Error code 1152 states that you can’t join the meeting. The message also shows that guest participants who enabled archiving cannot join meetings hosted by the account.

If you encounter this error code on Zoom, the settings needed to fix it wouldn’t be found on your account. Likely, your account doesn’t support reporting, and as a result, other users cannot join because their account requires archiving.

Error 1152 shows up if a free user hosts a meeting and regulated users who enabled the meeting archive to join the meeting of the free user. 

If you ever see this code, you only have two options. The first is to ask the regulated users to disable archiving, and the second is to upgrade your account.

Top Ways to Troubleshoot Zoom Error Code 1009

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Error Code 1009 in Zoom occurs when a user already has an active account in the app. If you can’t accept an invitation from a Zoom account error because of error 1009, you need to unlink, delete, or invite some users to another account before the owner of the account will be able to accept the invitation.

It’s also likely that you need to delete a Zoom Room on the Zoom Rooms page before the invitation can be accepted.

Take note that free users can automatically accept the invitation. Unless they’re the only ones on the account, other users or account add-ons won’t be accepted.

This is why the error code appears. The only way to remove it is for them to be the sole user on the account.

How to Resolve Zoom Error Code 2008

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Error code 2008 appears when an unexpected error happens during a meeting. If you’re an account admin or owner, you can access the User Management settings and have a suitable webinar license assigned to the user.

Here are other steps you can take to fix error code 2008 in Zoom:

  • Whitelist Zoom in your Windows defender firewall. You can also disable the firewall suite in the meantime to fix the issue.
  • Check your internet connection.
  • Clear all temporary files from your device.
  • Clear the cache of your Zoom app.
  • Disconnect from Zoom and then log back in again.
  • Reinstall your Zoom app.
  • Verify your webinar license.

Zoom has made virtual meetings a seamless and smooth experience. If you ever encounter error codes 1152, 1009, or 2008, the above fixes may help you return to your meetings in no time.



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