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How to Fix Error 0x80131505 in Microsoft Store in Windows 10



Windows 10 Store error 0x80131505 happens when you try to launch the Microsoft Store app. The app would take a long time to load resulting to this Windows 10 bug. It is a very annoying error that can prevent users from downloading new apps or updating their current UWP apps. We’re here to help. Let us take a look at the causes of this Microsoft Store error and find some methods on how to fix it.

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Causes of the Microsoft Store Error Code 0x80131505

There are many reasons responsible for the Windows store error 0x80131505. Here check out the most common ones:

  • Simple Generic Microsoft Store Glitch
  • Corrupted Windows Store Cache
  • Corrupted SoftwareDistribution Data
  • Store DLLs are no longer registered
  • Corrupted System Files

How to Fix Windows Store Error 0x80131505?

Here are some troubleshooting methods you could try to fix this error.

Method 1 – Perform Troubleshooting using Windows Store Apps Troubleshooter


If your applications or storage do not work in Windows 10, use this guide to activate troubleshooting in the Windows App Store and automatically troubleshoot.

To quickly and automatically diagnose applications (or archives) in Windows 10 using the troubleshooting feature

  1. Open the Control Panel.
  2. Click System and Security.
  3. In the Security and Maintenance section, click the Troubleshooting link on the shared computer.
  4. Click Hardware and sound.
  5. Click Windows Start Apps to start troubleshooting.
  6. Click the Advanced link and make sure to Apply repair automatically is selected.
  7. Click Next to perform troubleshooting.

If the troubleshooter detects the problem, the result is a list of additional instructions that you may need. However, in most cases, the program will automatically troubleshoot the problem.

Method 2 – Reset Microsoft Store via CMD

Reset Windows Store via CMD
  1. Open the Run dialog box by pressing the Windows + R key. Then type ‘cmd’ in the text box that appears and press Ctrl + Shift + Enter + Enter to open the raised CMD window. When prompted to manage your user account, press Yes to assign administrator rights.
  2. On the CMD Command Prompt command line that you just opened, type the following command in order, and then press Enter to reset all Windows storage components (along with each dependency): wsreset.exe
  3. When the command is complete, close the top CMD window and restart the computer to see if the problem has been resolved the next time you start the computer.

Method 3 – Disable Windows Defender Antivirus and Firewall


In some cases, a 0x80131505 error may occur due to your antivirus program or firewall.

Good antivirus protection is important if you want to protect yourself from online threats. However, sometimes antivirus can interfere with Windows applications and cause this problem.

To solve the problem, it is recommended that you disable some anti-virus features and see if they solve the problem. If your antivirus has a built-in firewall, turn it off and see if it helps you.

If you can’t find the feature that is causing the problem, you can turn off your antivirus completely.

Sometimes the problem may persist even after you disable the antivirus program. In this case, the last option is to temporarily remove the antivirus from your computer. Once the antivirus has been removed, check to see if the problem persists.

Method 4 – Re-registering the Microsoft Store App using Powershell

Windows Powershell
  • Start by pressing the WINKEY + X key combination or the right Start key and Windows Powershell (Admin) or searching for Powershell in the Cortana search box.
  • Right-click the command line icon and click Run as administrator.
  • Click Yes to get a command prompt for UAC or User Account Control.
  • Then the Windows Powershell window will finally open. Now type the following command to re-register the Microsoft Store application, and then press Enter.
powershell -ExecutionPolicy Unrestricted Add-AppxPackage -DisableDevelopmentMode -Register $Env:SystemRoot\WinStore\AppxManifest.xml

Let the process be completed and then check if your problem is solved or not.

Method 5 – Performing SFC or DISM Scan

sfc scannow

If you think that a corrupted system file causes this problem in the Microsoft Store, then you have to perform an SFC (System File Checker) scan. Open a command prompt with administrator rights, execute the command as shown below:

  1. Right-click the Start button and select “Command Line (Admin)”.
  2. On the command line, type the following command and press Enter to perform a complete system analysis and restore SFC:
    • sfc /scannow
  3. Leave the command line window open until the command is completed, which may take some time. If all goes well, you will receive the message “Windows Resource Protection did not find any integrity violations.”

Deployment Image Servicing and Management (DISM)


Starting System File Checker in safe mode is not a guarantee that it will be able to solve problems. If SFC does not fix the Microsoft Store error 0x80131505, the DISM tool might just help you.

Run the following commands in an elevated command prompt.

  • DISM.exe /Online /Cleanup-image /Scanhealth
  • DISM.exe /Online /Cleanup-image /Checkhealth
  • DISM.exe /Online /Cleanup-image /Restorehealth

The first command uses the /Scanhealth switch to check the status of the image online. The /Checkhealth switch then determines whether damage has been detected. Finally, if the image can be recovered, you can use the /Restorehealth button to restore Windows.

Hopefully you have found a fix to Microsoft Store 0x80131505 error from the list of methods we have listed above. Please do let us know in the comments below how did it go with you.



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