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Fix Microsoft Whiteboard Files Stopped Syncing to the Cloud



Microsoft Whiteboard is an effective digital canvas that many people use to create presentations and designs. It is ideal for people who want to use a freeform platform for their ideas and content.

You can use different editing and design tools such as the various ink colors and highlighters with the Microsoft Whiteboard app.

Microsoft Whiteboard makes it convenient for anyone to freely create anything just like a physical Whiteboard. However, many users reported an error when it comes to their whiteboard app. Saved files from their Microsoft Whiteboard stopped syncing to their OneDrive Cloud.

Microsoft Whiteboard

If you have encountered this error, you will notice the red error message on your Whiteboard. This means that the changes have not been saved. Clicking Try Again will reload the process but it will end back to the error.

Fortunately, there are several ways on how you can fix this Microsoft Whiteboard problem. Check out the solutions below.

Solution #1 – Try Again Reloading After Several Minutes

It is possible that the problem is with Microsoft servers and not with your app. There may be technical issues with Microsoft so the app is unable to sync your files. You can wait for several minutes and try again. Stop the syncing process and restart sync later.

Solution #2 – Check the Size of Your Whiteboard File

Microsoft Whiteboard Files

You may be trying to save a large file. The file limit is up to 100GB if you are using a Microsoft account. If you are signed in using a work or school account, the file limit is up to 15GB. Large files will only end up in errors when saving. However, if you have to add a large file to your Microsoft cloud, you can manually add it to OneDrive.

Solution #3 – Check the Account You are Using

There are cases when you are signed in to your work account but you are using a different account in Microsoft. Go to the Microsoft website and check if you are using the same account in your Microsoft Whiteboard.

Solution #4 – Check if You are Saving it to OneDrive


You may not have noticed it but the file location you are saving your files may not be on OneDrive. Check your file location when you try to save a file.

Solution #5 – Update Your App

Some updates can help resolve problems with Microsoft Whiteboard. Check if there are available updates for the app and install them.

Hopefully, you can fix the problem with your Microsoft Whiteboard and sync your files properly to your OneDrive Cloud. What method above helped you fix the error? Let us know in the comments below.



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