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How to Join Google Play Points Rewards Program



Google Play Points is the new rewards program recently launched by Google for Android users in the US. It allows you to earn points for everything you do in the Google Play Store. From downloading new apps to subscribing to the services of buying movies, books and books, and much more. Users can use the points earned in the program to buy characters, gems and other items in other apps.

Google introduced Google Play Points in Japan on September 2018. It was also launched in South Korea in April 2019. Google says millions of people have joined the program, and this success has prompted the company to launch Play Points in the US market.

How to Earn Google Play Points


As we mentioned above, you earn points for everything you buy on Google Play, including apps, movies, books, subscriptions and more. You can also earn Play Points by downloading free apps and games. Weekly points activities can increase your earning potential in movies, books and some games.

Google Play Points has four levels of earnings rate:

  • Bronze: 0-149 points
  • Silver: 150-599 points
  • Gold: 600-2,399 points
  • Platinum: 3,000 or above

Your level depends on how many points you have earned, and higher levels will likely receive more perks, such as weekly prizes.

How to Redeem Google Play Points

Google Play Points can be used to buy special in-app items such as characters, gems and more in popular games such as Candy Crush and Pokémon Go. Google collaborates with the developers of some of the best applications and games on Google Play for this program.

You can also get Google Play Credit using your Play Points to rent a movie or buy an audiobook.

In addition to getting these nice and fun goodies out of apps and other Google Play items, Play Points can also be used for the common good. Google works with non-profit organizations such as Doctors Without Borders, Save the Children and the World Food Program. Users can help support these charities with the use of their Play Points.

How to Join Google Play Points? Hint: It’s for Free


Google Play items will be rolled out in the coming days. Joining the rewards program is absolutely free of charge, without any recurring or monthly fees. Not to mention, that for everything you buy in the first week, you will receive three times as many Play Points.

To get started:

  1. Open the Play Store app on your Android device.
  2. Tap the icon on the menu
  3. Then go to Play Points


As in most other rewards programs, there is no catch in joining Play Points. This is most especially since you are already downloading all your apps and games from the Play Store.

Learn more about Play Points – and be ready to earn points and awards.


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