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Is “account-security-noreply@accountprotection.microsoft.com” Valid and Legit?



Phishing emails are a scam online that trick users from entering their information to a fake website. Many users have encountered such a situation and have questioned if emails from Microsoft are legitimate or not. Some users encounter emails from “security-noreply-account@accountprotection.microsoft.com” and “account-security-noreply@accountprotection.microsoft.com.”

According to Microsoft, legitimate emails coming from the company are sent via the “account-security-noreply@accountprotection.microsoft.com” However, be on the lookout to email notifications that have almost identical address with the right one.

Are Emails From “account-security-noreply@accountprotection.microsoft.com” Safe?

The Microsoft Account Team sends valid email notifications via account-security-noreply@accountprotection.microsoft.com. Apart from it, other notifications are considered doubtful. The link indicated in the notification email directs you to the right landing page.


How to Identify a Fraudulent Email Notification

Companies such as Microsoft send email notifications to their users for different reasons. It is not unusual for a person to receive an email message. The drawback of it, however, is that cyberattackers are using such a process to identify themselves as part of Microsoft and send you a scam email.

Some users do not mind these fraud emails due to the constant notifications they receive from various companies. These illegitimate emails send you an alert of unusual sign-in activity on your account, therefore you must log in again to verify.

Once you clicked on the enclosed link, you will be directed to a fake landing page to enter your login details. These pages are not from Microsoft and only a way for the cyberattackers to save your login information and use it later. Entering your credentials will give them access to your account.

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It is, therefore, important that you try to identify the source of your email notifications, especially if these emails makes you click on a link and ask for your important information. Know the true URLs and emails of companies and pay attention to these sources and addresses prior to giving your information or clicking on a link.

Check the body of your email. Verify if the links included in the email points to Microsoft of not. You can manually type the address of the link and check if it indeed links to Microsoft before clicking. Read the entire message and see if it written professionally or not suspiciously marketed.


Protect Your Account from Fraudulent Activities

  • Keep your computer updated. The latest updates on your software can help protect it from cyberattacks and bugs. Check the Microsoft website to see if there are the latest updates. These are equipped with added security especially to common types of attacks.
  • Change your password regularly. Use passwords that do not contain your personal information. Use different characters and numbers to make your password more unpredictable and secure.
  • Avoid using the same password to all your accounts. Use a password manager to encrypt all your passwords.
  • Add more protection to your computer. Install firewalls and malware protection. Keep these software updated.
  • Use a VPN in your Internet use. This will keep your connection more private and safe. However, see to it that your VPN comes from a reliable company.


There are many cyber attacks online and they often look close to being legitimate. Protecting your Microsoft Account is crucial to prevent fraud and theft. Leave us a comment below if the suggestions above are effective for you.



  1. Have had an email from what seems to be from your authentic email address – but in regard to a possible email address – that is not mine – nor anything like the two first letters of mine ……. but obviously is also indicated as being from ….
    @ hotmail.com.
    I have copied it below. Very much look forward to your assistance in understanding this matter.
    I appears legitimate – but does not make sense. Many Thanks

    Microsoft account
    Security info replacement
    Someone started a process to replace all of the security info for the Microsoft account ma*****@hotmail.com.
    If this was you, click the button below to bypass the waiting period by using your existing security info.
    This was me
    If this wasn’t you, someone else might be trying to take over ma*****@hotmail.com. Click here and we’ll help you protect this account.
    If you don’t recognize the Microsoft account ma*****@hotmail.com, you can click here to remove your email address from that account.
    The Microsoft account team

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