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How to Use Chrome’s Send Tab to Self Feature



The ubiquitous Google Chrome browser is fully loaded with stunning features and amazing options that can easily double your performance and productivity. The problem is that very few people spend time learning how to use them. Take, for example, this new feature called Send Tab to Yourself, which is considered a hidden flag in a stable browser version that includes this support.

One of the things I like most about Google is not only the desire to experiment, but also the desire to experiment in public and allow users to adjust in the process.

How to Enable Send Tab to Self

Send Tab to Self is now already enabled by default in the recently released Chrome 77. It is not so hidden anymore. If you have Chrome 77 version and up, you don’t need to dabble into hidden flags and all as was the case when this was first introduced.

How to Send Chrome Tabs using Send Tab to Self


A new option has been added to the browser context menu – Send to [Device Name]. If you have more than one device, an extensible option appears, such as “Send to Devices”, which displays a list of all the devices you are connected to in Chrome.

When you send a tab to one of your devices, the new device tab displays a thin notification about the “Tab received” with the “Open” option.

Here’s a step-by-step guide:

  1. To send the tabs between devices, go to a web page opened in your browser, right-click to display the Send to Devices option.
  2. When you see it, select the device to send the tab.
  3. In addition, the same option is displayed as an icon in the address bar of the browser. Click to send the tab to the device.

If none of your devices appear in the list, make sure you are using the latest version of Google Chrome with the indicators on and logged into your Google Account on all your devices.


An important part of life in the digital world is the integration of devices. When smartphones came into being, there were many applications that made it possible to synchronize and exchange data between devices. If you’ve been using Android for a long time, you may remember an app called Chrome to Phone, which allows you to transfer data from your desktop browser to your phone. Features like this are fairly common now especially with the introduction of Google’s Send Tab to Self feature in Chrome.



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