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How to Clear App Data and Cache on Sony Android TV



Errors are unavoidable, and sometimes, deleting the app data and cache on your device is an effective solution. For instance, clearing your app cache and data can help fix a lot of common issues on your Sony Android TV.

Take note that clearing the cache is not as similar as clearing your app data. You may want to clear your cache first and check if it fixes the error before you try clearing the app data.

If you delete the app cache, it only erases search history or other temporary stored information in the app. Clearing the app data, on the other hand, has a deeper effect.

It does not only clear the cache, but it also resets your app settings. If you clear your app data, it is like reinstalling the app and bringing it back to its default settings.

To clear your app cache and data on your Sony Android TV, check out the steps below.

How to Clear App Cache on Sony Android TV

Image / Sony
  • Using your Remote Control, press the Home button.
  • Look for Settings and click to open.
  • Click Apps. Either you will have to directly access the System apps or go to See all apps and select Show system apps.
  • Now, choose the apps that you want to clear the cache.
  • Look for Clear cache and click to select.
  • Click OK.
  • Check if there are still errors with your Sony Android TV.

How to Delete App Data on Sony Android TV

Image / Sony

If there are still errors when using a certain app on your Sony Android TV, you will need to clear your app data entirely.

  • Follow the steps above and in the end, look for the Clear data button.
  • Click to select and click OK.
  • Select Clear all Data and click OK.

That’s it! Always remember to do the methods above one at a time and checking them before moving on to the next one. Sometimes, a simple procedure can already fix an issue. Was the article helpful? Let us know in the comments below.



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