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How to Fix AirPods Case Not Charging Issues with Light or No Light



Is your Apple AirPods case not charging your earphones at all? That moment when you want to use your AirPods earbuds or AirPods Pro headphones, and it is low in battery. But then, a case of bad luck hits. Your AirPods wireless charging case just won’t charge your batteries anymore. It can make you blow a fuse, especially if you need your AirPods to answer a call or listen music or podcast on your smartphone.

However, you can turn your luck around and fix the charging error on your AirPods with a few troubleshooting solutions you can do immediately. Your AirPods case may not be charging with or without an orange light as some users have noted. In some instances, the Apple wireless earbuds won’t charge evenly or sometimes, the left or right AirPod is not charging while the other bud works without a problem. Some users who experience this charging issue uses a fake AirPods.

You can try following each of the methods below one at a time until you resolve the issue and start charging your AirPods’ batteries again.

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How to Troubleshoot & Repair Apple AirPods or AirPods Pro Wireless Charging Case Won’t Charge Batteries Anymore

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There are several ways to troubleshoot the wireless charging not working problem on your AirPods or AirPods Pro case. You might have to determine if the issue is with your AirPods or your charging case. Let’s check them out below.

Solution #1 – Check your AirPods Case

Is your Apple AirPods case clean? Is there dirt present inside the wireless charging case especially around the charging ports? Your AirPods case must be kept clean at all times. You can remove the dirt using a dry cloth. Make sure to remove all the dirt since these may be the cause of your AirPods case not charging your batteries.

Solution #2 – Check the Cables

Check if the Lightning cables are properly plugged into your AirPod case. If the Lightning cable is too short or becoming loose, you may want to change it with a new one. Avoid using extension cords on your AirPods case. You can also check if the power adapter is properly plugged into the outlet. 

If it still does not charge, try to switch to a different power outlet or port if you are using your computer. 

Solution #3 – Reset your Apple AirPods Case

You can do a reset on your Apple AirPods case to restore it to its default settings. 

  • First, look for the setup button at the back of your AirPods case.
  • Press and hold the button until you see a light flashes in amber color then the color white.
  • Release the setup button for your AirPods Case to reset automatically. 

If none of the solutions above worked for you, take your AirPods and AirPod case to the nearest Apple Store and report the issue. 

Did any of the methods above helped you fix your AirPods case wireless charging error? Which one did? You can tell us in the comment section below.

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