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How to Fix Facebook Ads Manager Error Code 2446289 or 2446803



As a frequent Facebook advertiser, I know how frustrating it can be to suddenly get slapped with a vague, unintelligible error code like 2446289 or 2446803 when trying to run or edit campaigns. You’re just trying to get your ads out there, but these cryptic numbers stop you dead in your tracks.

In this expanded guide, I’ll provide a deep dive on common triggers for these Facebook Ads errors and actionable fixes to try.

Steps to Resolve Facebook Ads Manager Error Code 2446289 or 2446803
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Steps to Resolve Facebook Ads Manager Error Code 2446289 or 2446803

Thoroughly Update Your Facebook Ads Payment Details

The very first thing I’d recommend is thoroughly checking your Facebook Ads payment settings and confirming all the details are valid and up to date.

Here’s how to do this crucial troubleshooting step:

  • In Ads Manager, click the gears icon to open Settings
  • Select “Payment Methods” from the menu
  • Under your current payment method, click “Update”
  • Carefully verify your card number matches your physical card
  • Double check the expiration date is current
  • Confirm the billing address matches your card statement

Be sure to fix any discrepancies you find by entering the correct details. Once done, click “Confirm” to save the changes.

While here, check for any amount due on your account – pay off outstanding balances.

9 times out of 10, this payment info audit resolves error codes 2446289 and 2446803.

Check Your Facebook Ads Account’s Daily Spending Limit

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If payment details weren’t the culprit, another common source is an artificially low daily spending limit on your ads account.

Again under Payment settings, find the “Daily Spending Limit” section.

Take note of what the current limit is set at, and determine if the ads you’re trying to run exceed that threshold.

If so, increase the spending cap to an amount that matches your ad budgets. You can also remove the limit entirely if you don’t need a spending control.

Just be careful not to remove the limit if you do want to curb costs! But a higher limit prevents errors when you try to exceed it.

Review Your Actual Facebook Ad Content and Targeting

Less commonly than the previous two fixes, errors 2446289 and 2446803 can be triggered by policy violations in the ad itself or your targeting settings.

It’s worth reviewing your ad creative and targeting to ensure full compliance with Facebook’s rules:

  • Carefully check your ad copy, images and videos for any offensive or inappropriate content.
  • Verify the landing page doesn’t include banned products or services.
  • Check your ad targeting to confirm you’re not excluding any demographics improperly.
  • Scan placements to make sure none are prohibited or unsuitable for your ad content.

While not the most common cause, a violation could be triggering those error codes – so double checking for issues is worthwhile.

Seek Help from Facebook’s Customer Support Channels

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Even if you’ve thoroughly tried the troubleshooting tips above, Facebook Ads Manager errors 2446289 and 2446803 can still stubbornly persist.

If you just can’t shake those codes, don’t panic! Reach out to Facebook’s own support channels:

  • Consult Facebook’s Business Help Center and Ad Troubleshooting guides for insights.
  • Use the in-platform support chat widget on Facebook to get answers.
  • Call Facebook Ads phone support at 1-866-755-1305 for urgent help.

With Facebook’s insider knowledge and access to your accounts, their support team may be able to pinpoint issues you can’t identify yourself and get the errors resolved.



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