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How to Manage & Use Alexa Hunches on your Smart Home Devices



Following a hunch is often proven to be true. When we feel something must be done, doing so can lead to good results.

Amazon also wants to make good use out of hunches. Now, Alexa can assume you want something done after a command. It makes Alexa smarter, more useful, and more helpful in your everyday life.

In 2018, Amazon introduced the feature called Alexa Hunches. It is a smart function that offers added action to your previous requests. Suggested actions are based on prior behaviors.

Alexa can control smart home devices and gadgets through the Alexa Hunches feature. It can turn the lights off when you say a greeting like Goodnight. It can also lock and unlock your smart doors. Alexa can even control your thermostats if your previous requests suggest that you are feeling cold or hot.


Still, Alexa will need you to confirm the suggested actions first before initiating them. You can say your reply to Alexa. Another way is through the notification on your phone. To start using the Alexa Hunches, you need to turn it on.

How to Turn On or Off Alexa Hunches Feature

Amazon makes the Alexa Hunches smarter by adding a new feature in the recent update release. Instead of confirming the suggested actions first, Alexa will automatically act and perform it on connected devices without your confirmation. It is easier with the app proactively taking action on its own hunches and can create fewer interactions with Alexa.

Enable Alexa Hunches

You can turn on the automatic action from Alexa Hunches using the steps below.

  • Launch the Alexa app.
  • Tap the More button.
  • Go to Settings.
  • Select Hunches.
  • Tap the Setup Automatic Actions.
  • Now, choose the function you want to enable.

Disable Alexa Hunches

If you want to turn it off or disable the Alexa Hunches mode, you have two ways. First, you can command Alexa to Disable Hunches. The second is through the Alexa app on your mobile phone.

  • Start the Alexa app on your device.
  • Tap the More button.
  • Go to Settings.
  • Look for Hunches section and deactivate it.

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  1. Doesn’t work. Every single time I open my devices list on the app the hunches suggestions pop up. It’s SOOOO ANNOYING!!!!!!

  2. Need to permanently remove hunches from the app as my wife has Parkinson’s and I am up all hours of the night. Very annoying to have stop her or turn the lights back on as sometimes I am in an adjoining room.

  3. Hunches is the most poorly implemented “feature” on the Amazon Echo. This is a great feature if you like having the lights turn off while you are in the middle of eating, vacuuming, or waking down the stairs. (Because doing so in pitch darkness is so much better). Alas none of the “useful” tips for removing, deleting, or otherwise “disabling” hunches actually work. This is no “toggle” that allows you to turn off hunches in the Alexa app, and it does not “grey out” no matter how hard you press on the “Hunches” feature in the Alexa app on the screen of your smart phone, how many times you swipe on it in various directions, or how loudly you scream at your Echo in a frivolous and futile attempt to disable hunches. Simply telling your Echo to “disable Hunches” prompts Alexa to reply with a fully satisfying and resolute “Ok! Hunches is now disabled”, minutes before Alexa turns off the lights yet again while you are in the middle of entertaining houseguests, using the mysteriously re-enabled Hunches feature that you just disabled moments before, prompting
    your guests to comment, “dude, all that Alexa crap you bought is WHACK!”, as you to begin Googling terms like “How to PERMANENTLY disable Hunches. No, Seriously! For real this time!”, “How to kill Alexa”, “How long do I have after buying 8 Amazon Echos (1 for every room, closet, and bathroom in my home) do I have to return them all for a full refund, and will Alexa’s Hunches accurately predict my sheer dissatisfaction with the dastardly and preposterously incompetent implementation of “Hunches” and automatically send me out some return boxes, so I can begin packing them all up, or will Alexa take offense and try to kill me in my sleep?”, and “What is the best replacement for the Amazon Echo? The Google Nest or the Apple HomePod Mini?”


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