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How to Get the Zoom App on Amazon Omni Fire TV Smart TV



Amazon introduced its first built smart TV called the Amazon Fire TV Omni Series. With various sizes ranging between 43 inches and 75 inches, users can experience cinematic entertainment with high-quality pictures and 4K Ultra HD support. The Amazon Omni Fire TV comes with Dolby Vision to give you an excellent HDR experience.

If you enjoy the help of Alexa, Amazon extends it with your Omni Series Fire TV. Make it more convenient each time you watch on your Omni Fire TV with the hands-free feature. Ask Alexa to turn the TV on or off, find an app, navigate through the library content, or hit pause and play. You don’t have to use your remote for all these tasks. All you have to do is ask Alexa.

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Apart from the app compatibility and device connections, the Amazon Omni Series Fire TV comes with a two-way video calling feature that allows you to install a video conferencing app on your TV. You can also use Alexa Communications to make a more efficient use.

Now, you can download the Zoom app to create or join video calls and meetings on your Amazon Fire TV Omni Series. This is the first-ever smart TV app for Zoom.

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How to Download & Install the Zoom App to Make Video Calls on Amazon Fire TV Omni Smart TV Series

There are two ways to get the Zoom app on your Amazon Fire TV Omni Series smart TVs. You can either go to the Fire TV Appstore or ask Alexa to look it up for you.

  • To download and install the videoconferencing app via the Fire TV appstore, go to the Search bar
  • Now enter Zoom.
  • Click on the app and install it.

Once installed, you can log in to your Zoom account to make a new video call or join an existing meeting. To make it easier, you can use Alexa voice controls during your video calls.

As of now, the Zoom app is only compatible with selected webcams and not audio speakers. That means you can connect your external video camera during your calls, but you cannot pair it with any speaker or sounder. To use a webcam, make sure it has a 60 to 90 degree filled view from six feet distance to your TV and a 720 to 1080p resolution.

Did you use the Zoom app for your video calls using your Amazon Fire TV Omni smart TV? How was your experience? You can share your story with us in the comment section below.

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