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How to Set up & Use “Multipin” Feature to Pin Multiple Video Feeds on Google Meet



Video conferencing has become an everyday lifestyle for a lot of people. With its capacity to shorten the distance even on a global scale, many companies and organizations utilize video conferencing platforms to suit their needs.

However, the limitations of video calling affect people with disabilities like those with hearing impairment. Google Meet offers its Meet Multipin feature as a solution for people with disabilities so they can see who is presenting and their interpreter.

How Does Google Meet Multipin Works
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How Does Google Meet Multipin Works?

Imagine being in a video conference where there many participants. It is hard to focus on the people hosting the call when you see others popping up on the screen each time they make a sound. If you want selected people to show on your screen, you can pin them.

The Meet Multipin tool allows you to pin up to three people on your screen. That means you can only see pinned participants on your screen while others appear on a smaller size or moved to the right or lower sides of the screen. In this way, you can focus more on the people you want to see regardless of who is speaking in the video call.

People with disabilities can pin their interpreter on their screen and make it more convenient for them to participate during the video conference.

How to Multi-Pin Different Participant Screens on Google Meet Video Calls

It takes only a few steps to pin a screen during your Google Meet video conferencing sessions.

  • Look for the participants whom you want to pin and hover over them.
  • Click the Pin icon.
  • If you cannot find the participant in the screen layout, click the People panel at the bottom of your screen.
  • Navigate to the People tab and look for the participant.
  • Click the Pin icon next to it. To unpin someone, hover over the participant and click Unpin.
  • The Meet Multipin is part of Google’s preview for its accessibility feature during the Global Accessibility Awareness Day.

Aside from the Meet Multipin, there are other collaborative features like the alt-text to images in Gmail, audio descriptions on videos including YouTube Originals, and Project Euphoria, which will include four more languages.

What do you think of the Google Meet Multipin feature? We value your opinion. You can write a comment below.



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