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How to Move your Apple iCloud Documents Data to iCloud Drive



Apple iCloud Documents allow users to save their files and data on any Apple device. You can manage it through the app. Now, the Apple iCloud Documents feature is what we see as the Files app on our iPhone or iPad mobile devices.

Apple also has a newer service called iCloud Drive that works as a cloud storage tool for Apple devices. Here you can backup your data and files on a cloud storage server, so you can store them safely when your devices encounter errors. You can also access your documents on other Apple devices as long as you log in to your account with the same Apple ID.

The iCloud Drive not only syncs and stores your files and documents, but you can also save photos and messages from your Apple device local storage. That way, you always have a copy with you where you can access through your phone or computer.

Screenshot: Windows Dispatch/Apple

Now, Apple is planning to retire its Apple iCloud Documents tool next year. That means you will need to upgrade and transfer the files on your phone or tablet to the iCloud Drive server so you can access them after the old service is deprecated. See the instructions below on how to migrate and move all your mobile files and data to iCloud Drive.

Moving your iPhone or iPad Files from Apple iCloud Documents to iCloud Drive

To get started, you need to turn on and set up your iCloud Drive service. But, make sure to have the iOS 13 or above running on your iPhone or iPad. You also need to run Catalina or later on your Mac computer. As for Windows PC, you must install Windows 10 with May 2019 update or later. You can also use the iCloud.com web app on on Safari 9.1 browser or later and other modem browsers like Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome.

Transfer Files from Apple iCloud Documents to iCloud Drive via iPhone or iPad

  • First, launch the Settings menu of your Apple device.
  • Select your AppleID on the top of the screen.
  • Choose iCloud.
  • Tap iCloud Drive On.
Transfer Files from Apple iCloud Documents to iCloud Drive via iPhone or iPad
Screenshot: Windows Dispatch/Apple

Move Documents from Apple iCloud Documents to iCloud Drive via Mac

  • Click the Apple icon on the upper left corner of the screen.
  • Select System Preferences.
  • Click your Apple ID.
  • Select iCloud.
  • Turn on iCloud Drive.
  • Click Options next to iCloud Drive.
  • Select Desktop and Documents Folders.
  • Click Done.

Transfer Documents from Apple iCloud Documents to iCloud Drive through iCloud.com

  • Launch iCloud.com on your browser.
  • Sign in your Apple ID.
  • Select iCloud Drive.
  • Double-click Desktop and Documents Folder.

Now, your files and documents are safe while stored in Apple’s iCloud server. You can easily open them on any Apple device any time you want.

How was the process in moving your files to the iCloud Drive? Tell us what you think by writing to us in the comments below.


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