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Tips to Maximize Savings & Get More for your Money on Amazon Prime Day Sale Deals



Today we are here to see how we can save even more money when shopping and buying with deals during Amazon Prime Day sales. First, we check whether you have to be a Prime member to shop and participate in Prime Day sales; let’s get started: 

Does Prime membership have to be required to participate in Prime Day?

Members of Amazon Prime are the only ones who may join and enjoy shopping with big discounts and amazing deals on purchases only you can get on Prime Day sales events. In addition to participating in Prime Day, Prime members can access many other benefits, like free two-day delivery and unlimited access to Prime Video, Prime Music, and more.

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Seven Ways to Maximize your Savings & Save Even More Money on Amazon Prime Day Deals

Be under no illusions: The annual Amazon Prime Day is a major shopping event. And if you want to put yourself in the best position to succeed and maximize your chance to save even more money, there are several things to remember. Find below a list of the best ways and ideas to maximize your returns and enjoy even more savings on Prime Day deals.

1. Compile a list of your needs and wants

Large-item discounts and time-sensitive Lightning Deals ensure that Amazon Prime Day is packed with impulse buys. It is advisable to have a rough list of desired items ready before Prime Day (and save on).

The Wish List function on Amazon is great for organizing potential purchases. You can add everything that piques your attention and keep tabs on what you truly desire. And if you want to be the first to know when anything on your wish list goes on sale, you can have Alexa or the Amazon mobile app do the job for you.

2. Look around and see what things cost

During Prime Day, shoppers frequently wonder, “Am I getting a decent deal?” Only by looking into the item’s past pricing can you get an answer.

We advise using the free tool CamelCamelCamel, which tracks the pricing history of everything on Amazon to determine the true worth of any offer. We recommend the browser add-on Keepa, which displays a price-change graph on every Amazon product page.

3. Use the Amazon app on your mobile device

The Amazon mobile app is an excellent tool for managing inventory and receiving alerts. If you have the app set up to do so, you will receive a push notification 5 minutes before the deals go live.

4. Alexa now sends out alerts about sales

In 2022, Alexa added the ability to notify users of sales and make purchases on their behalf. To help you save money on items you’ve added to your Wish List or basket, your smart voice assistant can now notify you when the price drops. Follow these steps to have Alexa alert you whenever a good bargain is available.

When this feature is activated, your Echo device will display a yellow ring light or a pop-up notification. Ask Alexa for assistance to learn more or place an order.

5. Get Amazon gift cards and subscriptions at no cost

Several free credits and subscriptions are available on Amazon before and during the Prime Early Access Sale. During the Prime Early Access Sale, there are several ways to get free credits and trial periods.

During the Prime Early Access Sale, members can receive a $10 promotional credit when they spend $50 on gift cards from popular retailers, including Amazon, GAP, Panera, and more.

Prime members can receive a complimentary Grubhub+ membership for an entire year. If you sign up for Amazon Prime for a year, you can get free delivery on all your Grubhub orders.

Prime members can enjoy up to four free months of Amazon Music Unlimited, while everyone else can get up to three free months. Alternatively, Prime members may purchase a third-generation Echo Dot for $0.99 with a month of Amazon Music Unlimited.

Make sure you keep checking back throughout the Prime Early Access Sale for more opportunities to gain free credits. Click here to go directly to the Amazon page.

6. Look around at other stores and see what you can save

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There are a lot of additional sales from competing stores for non-members to choose from. Amazon competes with deals from other major stores on Prime Day, including Walmart, Target, and Best Buy. Additional promotions don’t require a Prime membership and provide the same cheap pricing on electronics and home furnishings.

7. Save Insider Reviews’ coverage of Prime Day for later

To assist you in locating the greatest prices, the Insider Reviews crew will be searching the Prime Early Access Sale nonstop. We’ll provide up-to-date coverage of the top Prime Early Access Sale offers, and as the sale develops, we’ll probably highlight the best Prime Early Access Sale offers under $50 and the greatest Prime Early Access Sale Lightning Deals.

Final Words

The ABC Rule: Always Double-Check (prices, that is). The best way to evaluate a sale is to check the prices of similar products. Please don’t waste time and money falling for misleading advertising claims and retail price markups; read our advice. Quickly checking the pricing at multiple stores is as simple as typing the item(s) into Google.



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