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How to Enable or Disable & Use Microsoft Edge Clarity Boost Gaming Feature



Microsoft is upping its game for online gaming. Now, you can enjoy Xbox online games on Microsoft Edge browsers with new and enhanced features when playing on Xbox Cloud Gaming. With the recent software update, you can enjoy a clearer and sharper gaming interface exclusive to MS Edge browsers on a Windows 10 or 11 computer.

Gamers sometimes choose to access their Xbox games via the cloud so that they can play on their mobile devices or computers. However, the experience is not as vivid and thrilling as on the bigger screen with your Xbox console.

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Microsoft is filling the gap. It recently released new features on its Microsoft Edge browser ideal for online gaming and game streaming. If you update your Edge browser to version 103, you can enjoy the Clarity Boost feature that will improve the quality of your online games when played on PC.

What is Microsoft Edge Clarity Boost Xbox Cloud Gaming Feature on PC?

Using a spatial upscaling enhancement, the Microsoft Edge Clarity Boost will enhance picture and video quality of the games your stream. You will see a better range of color gamut and video resolution when playing Xbox Cloud games on your Microsoft Edge browser using your Windows PC.

The Clarity Boost feature uses a client-side scaling technology. The changes you see on your games are happening in your Edge browser and not on the Xbox cloud. That means, it is reliant on your browser alone regardless of what is happening on Xbox Cloud Gaming.

It dramatically complements the Efficiency Mode feature released by Microsoft for Edge browsers. The Efficiency Mode enables your browser to improve its battery life. Since browsers use more resources, the Efficiency Mode feature will minimize the resource load when playing the game. It will result in faster game loading on your side.

You can use both on Xbox Cloud Gaming to create a better and more effective PC gaming experience. However, the Efficiency mode feature automatically enables and disables as you join and leave a game.

How to Turn On or Turn Off Microsoft Edge Clarity Boost Feature

Credit: Windows Dispatch

You will need to install version 103 on your Microsoft Edge browser first. While Microsoft Edge automatically installs available updates, you can do it manually.

  • On your Edge browser, click the three-dotted button in the upper right corner.
  • Navigate to Help and feedback.
  • Select About Microsoft Edge.
  • Wait for Microsoft Edge to look for available updates and install it.
  • Restart your browser.

Now, you can enable or disable the Clarity Boost gaming feature on your Microsoft Edge browser installed on a Windows PC.

  • Go to Xbox Cloud Gaming on your Edge browser on PC.
  • Login to your account.
  • Start any game you want to play.
  • As the game starts, click the dotted icon in the upper left corner.
  • Click the three-dotted icon to launch the menu.
  • Select Enable Clarity Boost.
  • To disable the Clarity Boost feature, follow the same instructions above.
  • Click Disable Clarity Boost.

Now, you can have a better visual online gaming experience on your Xbox Cloud Gaming when playing on the Microsoft Edge browser. It gives you more options where you want to play your games.

What do you think of the new Microsoft Edge Clarity Boost feature? We value your opinion, so please drop one in the comment section below.



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