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How to Secure, Hide & Keep Private Images Using Google Photos Locked Folder



Sometimes, we have sensitive images and videos stored in our Photo library that we don’t want other people to see. Yes, we can always keep our private stuff on our mobile devices to ourselves. But, there are instances when you accidentally exposed those photos.

To prevent these untoward incidents from happening, Google Photos offers a new security feature called Locked Folder on Android phones and tablets to let you store and hide all your sensitive videos and pictures where no one can see them. Locked Folder is a safe private place to keep your valuable stuff that you can only access through a password, a PIN or your fingerprint. It means that nobody can open it without authentication and your permission.

What Happens to the Picture & Video Content in your Locked Folder

When you add, save, or move images to your Google Photos Locked Folder on Android, you cannot share to anyone or delete them. You are not able to back them up or edit these pictures. Locked Folder does not allow creating an album or a photo book.

The Locked Folder will create safety and protection around your pics and videos inside it so that they will not appear on any results, albums, or shared items. It will not be available for sharing with third-party apps or on photo memories. Google will not also show these content on smart displays or Chromecast devices.

Limitations of Google Photos Locked Folder Feature

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The Locked Folder is only available locally on your mobile device. Simply put, you cannot back up the contents in your Locked Folder on any cloud storage services. Once you moved your images to the Locked Folder, they will not appear on your Photos cloud storage and Photos library. The only drawback is losing your phone, and you have no backup of your images and videos in your Locked Folder.

As of now, Google Photos Locked Folder will be available first on Google Pixel mobile phone devices. It will soon roll out to all Android phones and tablets within the year.

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How to Use Google Photos Locked Folder to Hide Sensitive Images on Android Devices

Credit: Google

Before you start using the Google Photos Locked Folder, you need it set it up first. Make sure you have a screen lock on your phone since you will need it to open your secured folder. You can use your PIN or biometric authentication.

Setting Up your Google Photos Locked Folder

  • On your Google Photos app, navigate to Library.
  • Select Utilities.
  • Tap Locked Folder.
  • Select Set up locked folder.

Moving Photos to your Locked Folder on Android

  • On your Photos liberty, select the images you want to add to your Locked Folder.
  • Tap the More button.
  • Select Move to locked folder.
  • Tap Move.

Saving Photos to your Android Locked Folder

  • Launch your Pixel camera app.
  • Tap Photo gallery.
  • Select Locked Folder.
  • Now, the pictures you take will directly save on Locked Folder.

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