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How to Report a Lost, Stolen or Missing Amazon Package or Items



Did you know you can do something when your Amazon package gets lost, stolen, or gone missing? Amazon offers almost everything you may need from electronic devices to household items. With only a few clicks or taps on your device, you can have your bought things shipped to your home or office address.

Unfortunately, there have been cases from real users concerning Amazon packages or items that have been missing, stolen, or simply got lost. Even if they have to wait for days or weeks, nothing came in from Amazon deliveries. For some customers, Amazon said the order was delivered yet they never received it. Might be a case of a package delivered to a wrong address? How do you find or replace the Amazon order that never arrived? Can you request a refund for the missing items?

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What to Do if your Amazon Package is Lost, Stolen or Missing?

If you experienced the same shipping issue on your Amazon packages or stuff, you can report them. You can even report lost, missing, or stolen items sold by a third-party seller to the customer service to get it taken care of properly. Let’s check the process one at a time.

How to Report Lost, Stolen, or Missing Packages Sold by Amazon

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  • Launch the Amazon website on your web browser and sign in to your account.
  • Navigate to Your orders or click here to go to the page directly.
  • Look for the orders you are waiting for and click the Problem with order button next to it.
  • The Seller Messaging Assistant will open.
  • Select I Didn’t Get This to submit your report of not receiving the said items.

How to Report Lost, Stolen, or Missing Items Sold by Third-Party Merchants

There are two ways to report undelivered items to the third-party seller on Amazon.

  • First, go to Your Orders on your Amazon account and select the missing package.
  • Click the Get Help button.
  • Choose Contact Seller to talk to the third-party seller.
  • Another way is to go to Your Orders.
  • Select Amazon Pay.
  • Look for the item in question and click Details next to it.
  • Select Where’s my stuff?
  • A chat message will appear indicating that you haven’t received your items.
  • Click Send to Merchant.

How to Request a Refund on Amazon Orders that Never Arrived?

  • Head over to Your Orders on your Amazon account.
  • Choose your missing items.
  • Click Get Help or Problem with Order.
  • Select the option that you haven’t received your items.
  • Choose Request Refund.
  • Enter your information.
  • Click the Submit button.

If you need further assistance, you can contact the Amazon customer service to help you with your concerns.

How many times have you reported a lost, missing, or stolen package on Amazon? We love to hear your story! You can share it in the comment section below.


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