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How to Get Free Ebooks on Amazon First Reads for Prime Members



Being an Amazon Kindle user allows you to access thousands of ebooks at any time from the Kindle Store and other sources. You can download free ebooks or purchase paid content and add them to your library collection.

There is more you can get if you are an Amazon Prime member. Aside from access to ebooks, Prime Video and Amazon Music Prime, you can enjoy added benefits when shopping at Amazon. Exclusive deals are available only for Prime members. You can avail of additional discounts, free content, free delivery, and more.

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Amazon Prime members also get to enjoy Prime Reading, where you can borrow 20 titles every month and read them for free. But, the ebooks are not yours to keep. Now, Amazon launches a new feature that will give its Prime members the chance to keep the free Kindle books forever. Introducing the Amazon First Reads.

What is Amazon First Reads?

Amazon Prime First Reads is all about books and early access for free. Amazon releases a list of new exclusive books that have not yet been publicly launched. One month before its official release, Amazon will open these ebooks for Prime members to choose and download for free.

Consider it as an exclusive offer only to Prime members. Through Amazon First Reads, users can select two ebooks from the list and download them for free. Unlike Prime Reading, where you only borrow the ebooks, First Reads will let you keep them forever.

It’s an awesome privilege for Prime members to have early access to titles that are not yet published. What’s more, it is free for you to keep and become a permanent item on your library. Even if you plan to cancel your Prime membership, the ebooks remain in your keeping.

How to Get and Download Free Kindle Books from Amazon First Reads?

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There are various titles available for you to choose from including different genres. However, take note that First Reads do not usually have ebooks from major publishers. The titles mostly come from Amazon Publishing. To download and access the free ebooks, follow the methods below.

  • To access the collection, go to https://www.amazon.com/firstreads.
  • Scroll down and go to This Month’s Picks.
  • Choose your ebooks.
  • Click the Shop Now button to get the title.
  • Choose which device to send your new book.

Amazon First Reads Kindle books can be read on any compatible Kindle device or free Kindle reading app on your mobile phone or tablet.

What are your thoughts about Amazon First Reads? Let us know in the comments below.

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