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How to Save & Download TikTok Video without Posting



Tiktok is a video-sharing app that started as musical.ly and is mainly used for lip-syncing. Users use their mobiles to manage this app, but it is also available on web browsers.

In this age of technology-oriented, people find its popularity enticing. They try different content and be creative as much as possible.

We can see vast materials here; there are videos for laughs for entertainment purposes, dance challenges, and people who enjoy cosmetics, and it is also being used for informative purposes.

The upside is that it only features short videos, so viewers do not get bored easily and do not notice that a lot of time has already passed.

The creation and sharing of videos are more accessible and advanced thanks to the TikTok app. You do not have to put in that much effort to enjoy it. You can record anything and upload it instantly.

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Additionally, TikTok has many features that make creating videos quite simple. Users may quickly include a variety of filters, stickers, effects, sound effects, and songs with this tool in their videos.

They can efficiently work together or produce material based on the videos of other users thanks to Duet and Stitch features.

Ways to Save and Download TikTok Videos for Later Posting

We may need to record the same material multiple times because we frequently need to get it perfect the first time. You might occasionally excel in one section of the video while failing badly in others.

Also, there might be a better time than uploading it right now, and you might save it for later. Here’s a list of how you can save your TikTok videos.

Method #1 – Save the TikTok Video on your Device while Uploading

  • Open Tiktok.
  • To create the page, tap “Record.”
  • Make videos of your clips. Apply any filters and effects you like during the creation process.
  • Apply all the editing tools you want, then choose Next.
  • Select Who can watch this video on the upload page.
  • Then change it to “Only Me.”
  • Go to “More options.”
  • Tap “Post” to upload the video.

The video is now saved to your camera roll and added to your profile’s private uploads.

Method #2 – Download as Private Video on TikTok

  • Do everything the same as mentioned above.
  • Then go to the profile icon.
  • Select the “private videos” tab with the “lock” icon. Click on the video tile that you want to save.
  • To see more options, tap the ellipsis button.
  • Lastly, tap “Save video.”

It will be saved in the camera roll, but the watermark will also be there.

Method #3 – Screen Record the Video on TikTok

Photo credit: Aaron Weiss/Unsplash

If you are using an iPhone, here are the steps tp screen record your video.

  • Go to the control center, then “Customize controls.”
  • Tap Screen Recording or install an app that can screen record your TikTok videos.
  • Open the app and play your video.
  • Lastly, record it.

If you save your drafts or the video you created, this might be helpful to your future edits. This can also come in handy if you wish to share the video with someone else or watch it later.

We hope that these three recommendations on our list work successfully for you.



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