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How to Use Apple Books for Authors on Windows 10



Are you an author looking for a new way to publish your book? Apple recently launched Apple Books for Authors, an online publishing platform to help authors publish their content easily on Apple Books (formerly iBooks). The good thing is, you don’t even need a Mac to use it. The website portal is available for both Mac and Windows to eliminate the operating system barrier.

Authors can easily write, publish, and market their books through the functions available on the website. There are resources that will help authors in every step such as guides on how to market their books and grow their sales. Authors can also find valuable information on how to structure their story and transform it into a digital book.

Why Publish on Apple Books

Apple Books
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Apple made it simple for authors to publish their books and writings, much relief to the usual publishing process. Apple Books is simple and easy to use and navigate. It also offers better royalty rates compared to the Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing. There are also no third-party-ads, no price matching, no delivery fees, and no limits if you want to offer free books.

How to Publish your Books on Apple Books using Apple Books for Authors

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Authors can use Apple Books for Authors tool to create their ebooks before publishing them on Apple Books. You can also use other alternatives like Pages for Apple devices or Microsoft Word for Windows. After you have written your book, export it as PDF, EPUB, or text file.

Next, go to https://authors.apple.com/epub-upload. You will need an iTunes Connect account to sign in to Apple Books. If you don’t have one, you can create an account. Now, you then can submit your book for publishing and sell it on Apple Books Store.

It is a challenge for authors to get their books out into the world given the strict publishing processes. With Apple Books for Authors, it is easier, faster, and more effective to simply write and publish while getting more from what you have invested in.

What do you think of Apple Books for Authors? Are you planning to publish a book soon? We would love to know your story so tell us in the comments below.



  1. I’m having a real issue trying to use Apple Publish from my PC – O have to keep signing in a few times, and on the lucky time I reach the Publishing site – nothing happens, can’t go any further. This is so unfortunate – I was looking forward to being able to publish direct to Apple!

  2. Same here too. I have been going in circles for the past 30 minutes without luck. I cant find upload button its frustrating


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