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How to Find Lost Items with Tile using Alexa, Google Nest, Siri and Xfinity



Tile Bluetooth tracker makes finding lost things a lot easier at home. When you attach it to your keys, wallets, mobile phone, pet, or just about anything else, it will notify you when the item is near. That means you have less time searching with minimal effort.

Now, you can also use Tile tracker on your voice-enabled smart speakers. That way, all you have to do is say the command. You can connect and pair it with your Amazon Alexa devices, Google Nest smart speakers, Xfinity X1 Voice Remote, or Siri on iPhone, iPad, or Apple HomePod speaker.

How to Use your Smart Speakers & Voice-Activated Remote to Find Lost Items with Tile Bluetooth Tracker

Find and Track Lost Items with Tile via Amazon Alexa Speakers & Sonos Devices

Credit: Sonos

You can detect and find misplaced items with Tile through Amazon Alexa speakers for U.S. residents or through Sonos devices for users outside the U.S. All you have to do is ask Alexa.

  • For example, you can say, “Alexa find my wallet.”
  • “Alexa, ring my phone.”
  • “Alexa, where are my keys?”
  • For Sonos smart speaker users, you can say, “Alexa, ask Tile to find my wallet.”
  • “Alexa, ask Tile to ring my phone.”
  • “Alexa, ask Tile to locate my keys.”

Search for your Tile Tracker and Find Lost Items using Google Nest Speakers

Credit: Google

Having a Google Nest smart speaker device at home is easier if you want to look for your lost items with a Tile tracker. All you have to do is say your command even without your phone or Tile app around. You can use Google Nest Hub, Google Nest Mini, or Google Home.

Here are some examples of commands you can say:

  • “Hey Google, where is my wallet?”
  • “Hey Google, ring my keys.”
  • “Hey Google, make my phone ring.”
  • “Ok Google, ask Tile to find my keys.”

Finding Lost Items through Tile Trackers via Comcast Xfinity Voice Remote

Credit: Comcast

If you have the Comcast Xfinity X1 Voice Remote control at home, you can say your command through the Microphone button on the remote. Check out the example commands below.

  • “Xfinity Home, locate my wallet.”
  • “Xfinity Home, find my phone.”
  • “Xfinity Home, where are my keys.”

Look for Lost Things at Home with Tile Tracking Device using Apple’s Siri

When you use Siri on iOS devices such as iPhone or iPad, or HomePod smart speakers and Apple CarPlay, you can set the Siri shortcuts to look for your lost items. Use them each time you want Siri to find things for you.

  • Launch the Tile app.
  • Tap on the Tile you are using.
  • Select Siri.
  • Start recording a short phrase that you can use when finding things.

What voice-activated smart speaker are you using at home with your Tile Bluetooth tracker? How was your experience? We value your opinion, so please drop one for us below.


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