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How To Check Your Friends’ Wishlist On Steam



If you are into online gaming, then you are familiar with Steam.

Steam is a popular marketplace for gamers. It is a legitimate platform that allows game trading and distribution of digital games.

What is Steam Wishlist?

When you sign up on Steam, you can customize your profile including a wishlist. You can add a game you want to purchase so in case of discounts and sale, you will be notified by Steam.

You can also add games that have not yet been released so Steam can give you a heads up via email when the games are ready for purchase. Friends can check your Steam wishlist and buy the games for you.

How To View Your Friend’s Wishlist On Steam?

View Steam Friends Profile
  • Open your Steam app and login your account.
  • On the bottom right, click Friends and Chat to open.
  • Look for your friend’s username and click the dropdown arrow.
  • Choose View Profile.
  • Look for the Games option and click to open.
  • Among the different categories, look for Wishlist and click to open. Now, you can check out their wishlist.

How to Allow People to View Your Steam Wishlist?

You may also allow other people to view your wishlist, in case they want to know what to give you. Here are the steps.

Set Steam Profile Public
  • On the menu bar, click your Steam name.
  • Select Profile and click Edit Profile.
  • Click My Privacy Settings.
  • Then, set your privacy status to Public.

Final Thoughts!

Have you tried viewing and buying a game from your friend’s wishlist? What game did you give? Let us know in the comments below.


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