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How to Fix Microsoft Office 365 Error Code CAAC000E Device Cap or Limit Reached



If you’re an avid user of Microsoft Office 365, you may have encountered the frustrating “Device Cap Reached” or “Limit Reached” error with the code CAAC000E. This error occurs when you’ve reached the maximum number of devices allowed to be connected to your Office 365 account.

But there’s no need for you to worry. Today’s guide will walk you through the steps to troubleshoot and fix this issue, allowing you to continue using Office 365 across all your devices smoothly.

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Understanding the Microsoft Office 365 Error Code CAAC000E Device Cap or Limit Reached

The “Device Cap Reached” error (CAAC000E) is triggered when you’ve hit the device limit set by Microsoft for your Office 365 subscription. Different subscription plans come with varying device limits.

For instance, a personal subscription may have a lower limit than a business plan. The error message appears when you try to activate Office on a new device beyond the allowed limit.

Troubleshooting Microsoft Office 365 Error Code CAAC000E Device Cap or Limit Reached

If you encounter this issue with Microsoft Office 365, here are the solutions to resolve the problem.

Step 1: Check Your Microsoft Office Subscription Details

Start by logging into your Microsoft Office account on a device with Office installed.

  • Navigate to your account settings to find details about your subscription.
  • Look for the section that specifies the maximum number of devices allowed.
  • If you’re unsure where to find this information, the Microsoft support website can provide detailed instructions based on your subscription type.

Step 2: Review and Manage Devices

To free up a slot for a new device, review your connected devices and consider removing any you no longer use.

  • Go to the “Devices” section in your account settings.
  • You’ll see a list of all the devices connected to your account here.
  • You can remove a device by selecting it and choosing the “Remove” option.
  • Keep in mind that this action will deactivate Office on the selected device.

Step 3: Deactivate Microsoft Office on Unused Devices

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If you encounter the error while trying to install Office on a new device but cannot access the devices list due to the error itself, you can remotely deactivate Office on unused devices.

  • Visit the Microsoft account management page, sign in, and navigate to the “Install status” section. 
  • From here, you can choose to deactivate Office on specific devices that are no longer in use.

Step 4: Reach Out to Microsoft Customer Support

If you’ve followed the above steps and are still facing the CAAC000E error, contacting Microsoft support is a good idea. They can provide personalized assistance and possibly help you increase your device limit.

Remember to provide them with relevant details about your subscription and the error you’re encountering.

Step 5: Consider Upgrading Your Microsoft Office Subscription

Suppose you consistently hit the device cap due to multiple active devices.

In that case, upgrading your subscription to a plan offering a higher device limit might be worth considering. That could save you from the hassle of managing device activations frequently.

Preventive Measures You Can Do to Avoid Microsoft Office 365 Error Code CAAC000E Device Cap or Limit Reached

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To avoid encountering the “Device Cap Reached” error in the future, consider implementing the following preventive measures:

  1. Regular Device Check – Periodically review the devices connected to your Office 365 account and remove any unused devices.
  2. Use a Central Account – Centralize Office 365 installations under a single account if possible. It can help in better managing device activations.
  3. Logout from Unused Devices – Log out whenever you’re done using Office on a device. That prevents unnecessary device activations.

Take note that proper device management and occasional subscription checks can help you avoid encountering this error in the future.



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