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How to Fix Microsoft Office Install Error Code 30068-44, 30068-13 or 30068-26



Picture this: You’re excited to install Microsoft Office and get cracking on that important project or just eager to use its nifty features.

But then, disaster strikes! You encounter the dreaded Microsoft Office error codes 30068-44, 30068-13, or 30068-26.

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Troubleshooting Tips to Resolve Microsoft Office Error 30068-44, 30068-13 or 30068-26 Install Issue

Fear not, for in this blog, we’ll hold your hand through the troubleshooting process to fix these pesky errors on Microsoft Office and get you up and running quickly.

Fix Microsoft Office Error Code 30068-44

The 30068-44 error code often appears when the Office installation process encounters a network connectivity issue or a problem with the firewall settings. Don’t let this stop you; try these solutions to get past this hurdle:

  1. Check Your Internet Connection – Ensure you have a stable internet connection before installing. A weak or intermittent connection can cause interruptions.
  1. Disable Third-party Antivirus/Firewall – Sometimes, third-party security software might interfere with installation. Temporarily disable any antivirus or firewall software before attempting the installation.
  1. Run Office Troubleshooter – Microsoft offers a built-in troubleshooter specifically designed to fix Office installation issues. Go to the Microsoft Support and Recovery Assistant website, download the tool, and run it to identify and fix the problem.

Troubleshoot Microsoft Office Error Code 30068-13

Error code 30068-13 typically occurs due to pre-existing Office files interfering with the new installation. Here’s what you can do to resolve it:

  1. Uninstall Previous Office Versions – If you had an older version of Office installed on your computer, it might be causing conflicts. Completely uninstall the previous version using Microsoft’s official Office Uninstall Support Tool.
  1. Use Office Uninstall Support Tool – If the standard uninstall process leaves traces of the previous Office version, Microsoft’s Office Uninstall Support Tool comes to the rescue. This tool ensures a clean slate for your new Office installation.
  1. Clear Temporary Files – Stale temporary files can also lead to installation errors. Press Windows + R, type in %temp%, and hit Enter. Delete all the files in the Temp folder to clear the clutter.

Resolve Microsoft Office Error Code 30068-26

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The 30068-26 error code is often related to system or registry issues. Here are some steps to tackle it:

  1. Run Windows Update – Ensure your Windows operating system is up to date. Go to Settings > Update & Security > Windows Update, and click “Check for updates.”
  1. Repair Microsoft Office – Microsoft Office has a built-in repair option to help fix corrupted files. To do this, go to Control Panel > Programs > Programs and Features, select Microsoft Office, click “Change,” and then choose “Quick Repair” or “Online Repair.”
  1. Use the Office Installation Troubleshooter – As with Error Code 30068-44, utilize Microsoft’s Support and Recovery Assistant to detect and resolve issues automatically.

Error codes 30068-44, 30068-13, and 30068-26 can be frustrating, but with the right approach, you can overcome them and get your Microsoft Office running smoothly.

Remember to check your internet connection, disable third-party security software, remove old Office versions, clear temporary files, run Windows Update, and leverage Microsoft’s troubleshooting tools. By following these tips, you’ll soon be back to efficiently conquering your projects and tasks with Microsoft Office!



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