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7 Things to Keep in Mind While Streaming on Your iPhone Device



Not long ago, if one wanted to watch movies or access video content, they had to be plugged into a cable or connect to satellite subscriptions. However, the satellite subscriptions or cable TVs only gave access to aired live content, chosen by the broadcasting channel, and were limited to specific devices.

With modern developments in streaming and entertainment, content has become more accessible and does not require any special or customized devices. Content has been brought to the palm of your hands and can be accessed through your smartphones. To be more specific, content is easily accessible on your iPhone device.

With a few developments specific to the iPhones, like changing your Netflix country, one can now access content online through streaming applications or features existing on the device. The features are easy to use, and in the right settings, they can be utilized well to stream content online with just a single touch to your device.

Now that we have learned that we can stream easily on our iPhone devices, let us see a few things we should keep in mind while streaming on our iPhone devices. These few hacks will help improve your streaming experience and enjoy your favorite content.

Using Picture-in-Picture Mode While Streaming on Your iPhone Device

It is normal to get interrupted or urged to take a quick look at another app while streaming content or downloaded content. In ideal situations, one usually has to pause the video or wait until watching it.

That does not necessarily give you the freedom to use your device on your terms. But with picture-in-picture, you can continue to watch a small overlay while you are on another app. In addition, Apple has the new PiP mode that is even resizable to how you need it. For example, it can be moved around the screen if it obscures anything you want to access.

The PiP mode is essential when streaming as one can check notifications or anything they wish to check while their video still plays. Furthermore, the video in the PiP screen only pauses if one plays another video on another application.

Wirelessly Streaming to Apple TV or a Smart TV from Your iPhone Device

While watching content, we might want to share something with others in the room. The small display on the phone may not be ideal for viewing more than one person. With the iPhone devices, this has been made easier.

With the mirror feature on the smartphone, one can connect their phone with a projecting device such as a smart TV in the room. They can then showcase the video or picture content they want to share. One can also watch their content on a much larger display.

With the broadcast feature on the Apple TV app, users can play movies on their Apple TV or AirPlay 2-enabled smart TVs.

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Using a VPN for Streaming on Your iPhone Device

If one is streaming content online, a VPN is essential for their safety. A VPN protects devices from being attacked by malware that can get attached online. VPNs also protect the user’s privacy, making his location or browsing only visible to themselves.

If one wants to stream content privately, it is wise to use a VPN as one is guaranteed their connection is boosted and their internet is uninterrupted. or does not get tapped in by anyone. Also, if you are into gaming, streaming gaming content has a lot of restrictions, and a VPN helps bypass the restrictions.


Accessing Geo-Restricted Content on Your iPhone Device

Entertainment providers restrict certain content to certain geographical regions. Users who are not from that region cannot access the restricted content, which makes them get left out on their favorite shows. So how can users access the geo-restricted content on their iPhone devices?

Users can achieve this by using a VPN. Because iPhone devices can use VPNs, they can bypass the geographical restrictions by selecting servers within the geo-restricted areas. Then, having bypassed the restrictions, users can stream desired content from any location they choose on the VPN they have subscribed to.

Ways to Speed Up the Video Streaming Services on Your iPhone Device

While streaming on your iPhone device, some key settings are important when creating a better streaming experience. First, one needs to shut down any competing devices to have full access to the internet and stream content without buffering. Having done that, switching to an Ethernet cable is more efficient than using wireless connectivity is.

Watching videos in lower resolution uses less bandwidth and is recommended for a better streaming experience. Of course, the mentioned ways may not always work depending on your situation. But disabling hardware acceleration found in browser settings may do the job. This shifts some burden off your hardware and distributes them to your software, thus a smoother streaming experience.

Using Streaming Apps Over Cable Connections and Downloading Content

Streaming apps have proven why they make the streaming exercise better than when using a cable connection or downloading movies before watching. Cable connections may be cheaper than streaming services, but the result matters here.

In order to stream unlimited content on your iPhone device, a streaming app is more enabled to help you access content you wish to watch than the cable connection is. However, downloading takes much of your time and is only recommended if your internet connection is not strong enough to stream.

Faster Internet Connection Speed

In order to stream content successfully, one needs to have well-connected internet and with the right speeds to enable streaming. In addition, because streaming involves translating data received wirelessly from the internet, the internet connection must be faster and more stable.

Slow internet connectivity is characterized by slower reception of content, buffering, and poor video quality. iPhone devices have strong internet-enabled connections and can stream content faster if they access faster internet. The latest models are 5G enabled, and their speeds are even faster than Wi-Fi connections.


Before streaming content on your iPhone device, it is advisable to consider the listed factors and ensure you are within the margins for a better streaming experience. A faster internet connection with a VPN for safety is the best when using a streaming app. You can then share content you are streaming to other devices for better projection.



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