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How to Always Show Full URL in Firefox Address Bar



There was a time when browsers show the full and complete URL of the website you are visiting in the address bar. But now, the full URLs are hidden by default. You cannot see what protocol the website is using anymore. The https:// and www part of the URL are now hidden.

If you want to go back to what it was before and unhide the full URL address in Mozilla Firefox, this article is for you.

Most users will not mind this change, but for web developers and for those technical people who want to know the protocol that is being used in a website, this is certainly a big deal.

Here is how you can revert back to old settings and show the full URL in your browser’s address bar again.

How to Always Show Full URL in Mozilla Firefox

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  • Fire up the Firefox browser if it is not yet open.
  • Type the following path in the address bar and then hit Enter:
    • about:config
  • Type browser.urlbar.trimURLs in the search for preference name field.
  • On the right there is a toggle button you can switch from true to false.

That’s it! Once you done, the Firefox address bar will now show the full URL of the website you are on. It means everything in the link will be shown including the http://, https://, and www.


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