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Always Start Google Chrome in Incognito or Private Mode



Online privacy is crucial for every person. However, with different websites gaining access to your personal information and saving cookies, it is a challenge to keep things private online. That is why a lot of people opt for private mode when they want to browse and surf the Internet.

Google Chrome‘s private browsing mode is called Incognito. By browsing in Incognito, the browser will not store any of your browsing history as well as cookies and site logins. You can browse without locally storing private data that you may have typed. Still, if you have saved any bookmark or if you have downloaded a file, you can save them even when you go back to the normal browsing mode.

Why Go Incognito Mode in Google Chrome

Incognito Window Google Chrome

While Incognito Mode does not guarantee complete online privacy, it is still a good way to keep things private especially if you are not the only one using the computer. If you have to check your email or login to a website using a public or different computer, it is recommended to use the Incognito mode, so your data is not stored in the computer.

Since it deletes your browsing history and cookies, any reference to your activities on Incognito Mode will not influence your future searches or activities. Other users will not be able to see what you have been browsing because it does not save your history.

If someone wants to use your computer, you can open the Incognito Mode. Your stored logins will remain even if the person will log in to the same website.

How to Always Start Google Chrome in Incognito or Private Mode

How to Always Start Google Chrome in Incognito Mode

It is possible to start your Google Chrome in Incognito mode by default.

  • First, look for Google Chrome on your desktop or from the Start Menu.
  • Right-click on the name and select Properties.
  • Go to the Shortcut tab.
  • Look for Target. You will find this path: “C:\Program Files (x86)\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe.”
  • At the end of this path, add a Space and type -incognito. It should read like this: “C:\Program Files (x86)\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe.” -incognito
  • Click Apply and click OK, or you can just click OK.
  • Now, when you launch your Google Chrome, it automatically turns to Incognito Mode.
  • If you want to revert to the normal mode, remove the -incognito at the end.

Keep in mind that the Incognito Mode does not protect you from potential threats online. It does not track and save your browsing history but you still need to add protection to your computer such as an antivirus.

Do you prefer to go in Incognito or the normal mode on your Chrome browser? We would love to know your thoughts, so tell us in the comments below.



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