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How to Share Website URL via QR Code in Microsoft Edge



Google Chrome had earned its place in using QR codes to share website URLs. It was first spotted in Chrome’s Canary and made its way to Chromium-based browsers. Now, users of Microsoft Edge will enjoy the added feature of sharing URLs via QR Codes.

Why the need to use a QR code generator when you can simply copy and paste wepbage URLs? For those on the go and value every second of their time, the QR code generator offers a faster way. It is also very useful for mobile users.

Apart from its time efficiency, the QR code generator allows you to share websites between Chromium-based browsers including Chrome and Edge. By simply scanning a customized QR code, you can instantly share URLs with other browsers.

How Does the Webpage URL QR Code Generator Work?


First, you need to enable the generator in your browser. Take note that the feature is still on its early days. You will need to manually enable it. It is still a work in progress and may be buggy, so don’t expect full reliability.

Once enabled, you can launch the generator to create a QR code for a specific URL. You can sent the code through messaging apps or email, or scan it with a mobile phone. The QR Code also include the exact sub-pages that will guide users to where they need to be.

How to Enable QR Code Generator in Microsoft Edge Chromium

  • Open your Microsoft Edge browser.
  • On the search bar, type edge://flags/
  • Look for Enable sharing page via QR Code on the list shown and select Enabled.
  • Restart your Microsoft Edge to use the QR Code Generator.
  • To use the QR Code Generator, right click on a web page and choose Generate QR code for this page.
  • Download the QR Code and share.


What can you say about the QR code generator on Microsoft Edge? Tell us what you think in the comments below.


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