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How to Adjust, Change or Increase Text & Icon Size on Apple Watch



Having everything we need right at our fingertips is what we always dreamed of. Now, smartwatches like Apple Watch makes it more convenient with just a flick of your finger on your wrist. With Apple Watch, you can get notifications from your iPhone even when you are not holding your phone.

Apple Watch allows you to keep track of time. It also sends notifications if you have messages and calls on your mobile device. For fitness buffs, Apple Watch has a health tracker ideal when you are in the gym, doing exercises, or tracking your steps. You can also use Apple Watch for communication when your phone off your hands.

The only problem for some users is the default font and icon size settings as well as other visuals they see on Apple Watch. Other users are not happy with the small text when they have to read their smart watch messages. Some want to fit all the apps they need on the screen, even if the icons are smaller. So, no matter how you want it, it is possible by adjusting the text or icon sizes on your Apple Watch.

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How to Change & Make Text or Fonts Size Bigger on Apple Watch

Credit: Apple

You have two options to adjust and increase or decrease the text size of your Apple Watch smart watch. Make the adjustments on your Apple Watch or through your iPhone Watch app.

Changing Apple Watch Text Size Through Apple Watch Settings

  • On your Apple Watch, open the Settings menu.
  • Select Display & Brightness.
  • Select Text Size.
  • To make the font bigger, move the slider to the right. Otherwise, slide it to the left.
  • Once done, tap the arrow on top.

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Adjusting Apple Watch Font Size Through iPhone Watch App

  • On your iPhone, launch the Apple Watch app.
  • Go to My Watch.
  • Choose Display & Brightness.
  • Look for the Text Size option.
  • Move the slider to the right to make the font size bigger.
  • Tap Back when done.

How to Adjust & Increase Icon Size on Apple Watch

Credit: Apple

Like the text font size, you can also change the icon size of your Apple Watch through your iPhone app or your Apple Watch.

Increasing Apple Watch Icon Size Via Apple Watch Settings

  • Open the Settings menu of your Apple Watch.
  • Tap General.
  • Go to Accessibility.
  • Tap Reduce Motion.
  • Toggle the feature to On.

Changing Apple Watch Icon Size Via Apple Watch iOS App

  • Launch the Watch app on your iPhone.
  • Go to My Watch.
  • Choose General.
  • Select Accessibility.
  • Tap Reduce Motion and toggle it to On.

Do you prefer a bigger text and icon size on your Apple Watch? We value your opinion. Please write us a comment below.

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