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How to Get Ubisoft Plus Game Subscription Service on Stadia



Ubisoft announced its overhaul and rebranding last October with the launch of Ubisoft Plus. It replaces and expands the Play Plus last November 10, bringing players more game content and wider reach.

During the announcement, the gaming company plans to expand its access to Amazon Luna and Google Stadia. While Ubisoft Plus has reached Amazon Luna earlier in the launch, Google Stadia users continue to wait for their turn. Ubisoft+ subscription service offers over 100 Ubisoft games on PC and Luna.

Credit: Ubisoft

Recently, Ubisoft Plus opened its doors to Stadia players as the game service is now available on Google Stadia starting last December 16. Opened to all gamers in the US, you can now check out the beta version of Ubisoft+.

How to Access Ubisoft Plus Subscription Service on Google Stadia

Credit: Ubisoft

Players do not need to have a Stadia Pro subscription to play the games in Ubisoft Plus. However, the subscription cost of Ubisoft+ is still at $14.00 per month. You can stream and play the games when you have a subscription on any platform you want.

Ubisoft Plus also supports cross-platform progression. It means that you can pause the game on one platform and continue playing it on another platform without going back to the start. You can play from where you have left off. It offers players a better gaming experience while at the same time allowing them to progress on their games wherever they are.

Credit: Ubisoft
  • To start using Ubisoft Plus on your Google Stadia, first sign up on Ubisoft+.
  • After signing up and completing your payment methods, link your accounts.
  • Launch any game on your Stadia dashboard.
  • The login window will appear. Select Log in.
  • Enter your Ubisoft account.
  • Select Log in to link your Ubisoft+ on Stadia.

Now, you can start playing games, such as Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, Watch Dogs: Legion, and Immortals Fenyx Rising.

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